GOAL Setting Book on CD
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Big PHAT Goals (Book on CD)


“Dean Lindsay’s Big PHAT Goals is a simple yet highly effective and easy read to help anyone reach higher levels in their personal and professional life! I highly recommend it!” – Larry North, Legendary Fitness Expert & Author of Living Lean, Get Fit! & Slim Down For Life


“Listening to Dean Lindsay read Big PHAT Goals feels like Tony Robbins meets Steven Covey. You’ve got strong organizational content like the 7 Habits mixed with the motivational delivery of Mr. Robbins.   I think audiences are missing out if they don’t get to hear the enthusiasm of Dean delivering the content audibly. Dean, I really think you’ve got something here. Congratulations!” – David Keyser, Vice President Solutions Development, Global Paradigm LLC

Product Description

“I love, love, love this book! As someone who has been dedicated to setting and achieving personal and team goals for the past 30 years, Big PHAT Goals took my understanding to the next level. I rewrote my goals within days of reading the book, following Dean’s formula, and I am already experiencing even greater progress! This is a must read for you, as well as those you lead… and those you love!”
— Catherine Monson, CEO, FASTSIGNS International, Inc.


Big PHAT Chapters Include:

  • Internalized Reasons Create Movement
  •  Defining Your Parameters for Progress
  • Big PHAT Goal-Crafting Defined
  • Six Rules of Big PHAT Goal-Crafting
  • Committing to Big PHAT Progress
  • Progress Takes Persistence
  • Teaming Up for Big PHAT Progress (Goal Alignment & True Employee Engagement)
  • The Little Mind that Could


“There are only winners as a result of the Big PHAT Goals program.” — Stefan Stenberg, Founding Partner, Competenta Management, Luleå, Sweden