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Change Management Speaker Dean Lindsay on Change Management

Change happens.  We can’t avoid change.

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  • New technologies are created. 

  • Markets bear and bull. 

  • Companies merge. 

  • Global economic shifts

  • Reorganizations.

We are always in some form of transition, always arriving at some new place and dealing with new rollouts, new ideas, new everything.  Our organizations and our lives are always changing, but they are not always progressing.  It is natural for employees and team members to resist what is view as change.  However, each of us embrace what we view as progress.  A serious challenge for companies large and small is to lead progress, and not just manage change.

Change is inevitable.  Progress is a choice.

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Client logoDean’s message couldn’t have come at a better time. As we begin the difficult work of integrating three newly merged companies, it’s critical for us to understand the difference between progress and change. At this critical juncture, we can’t afford to make change for change’s sake.  Dean brought a unique blend of insight with humor and plain-spoken delivery that really made his message stick.” – Stephen Ayoub, President and Chief Revenue Officer, Data Blue


change management speakerDean was a great fit for our global team meeting because his message about Progress Leadership was perfect for our company at this time. We are in the process of merging two companies together and we needed inspiration and attitude to make the needed progress quickly. Dean message was timely, energizing and funny but most importantly right on point.” – Doug Oathout, SVP. Marketing & Strategy Global Solutions Integrator, Black Box Corporation


Change Management Speaker Best Top Humorous Creating Progress in a World of change

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More from Dean Lindsay on Change Management

When the next shift happens or next big thing comes our way, we internalize it, and size it up as Progress or Change.  All progress is change, but not all change is progress.  We should be careful not to mistake mere change for progress.

To Change Is Human; to Progress, Divine.

Because progress is subjective, there is no single factor that clearly determines whether an event represents progress or change.

However, we can say that we:

  • Start businesses to progress, not change

  • Hire employees to progress, not change

  • Work on teams to progress, not change

  • Make the tough choices and the tough phone calls to progress, not change

  • Keep our cool when dealing with challenging customers or co-workers to progress, not change

The business term change management has been around for a good long while.  The term relates to “initiating significant change” within an organization’s processes.  This change can include anything from altering work culture to embracing diversity to modifying an individual’s work tasks to increasing company morale and loyalty.

The problem with the term “change management” is that no one really desires to change or plans to change.  We desire and plan to progress.

Employees and team members (especially millenials)  do not want managers to manage their change.  They want leaders to lead their progress.

Let’s call “initiating significant change” what it truly is (or should be):  Progress Leadership.   In a time of continual transformation, committed leaders should focus on inspiring the progress, not apologizing for the change.  Committed leaders don’t just TELL people what to do.  Committed leaders include others in t

Best Change Management Speaker

he progress as well as the process.  It is reasons that shape, nourish, and sustain the thoughts that create the actions necessary to reach desired results.

Moving our focus from change management to progress leadership creates a shift in power from wielding power over employees to creating power among employees.  Committed leaders thus create a work culture in which empowered employees are committed to finding what is truly the next step forward.

Companies are most successful at “initiating significant change” when the reasons to act connect personally with the individual employees making the alteration in behavior.  If the reasons don’t connect with the individual, then the planned progress will be viewed as merely change and will be resisted or at least not acted on.  Team members may still physically clock in but have often mentally checked out. 

Committed leaders work to positively influence thoughts and feelings as well as oversee actions.  We live in a world of influence.

Intense focus on feelings in a time of transformation is often described as the “human side of change management.”  This always gives me pause.

The “human side” of businesswhat other side is there?  Some might say the company side.

So then, the company and the humans are on different sides?   That’s the problem right there.  Companies are formed by people (humans) partnering to get their wants and needs met by helping other people (humans) get their wants and needs met.  Leaders who do not take the individual into account and do not plan for the human side of Progress often find themselves scratching their heads about where their plans went wrong.

It takes more than the title of supervisor, manager, or “change agent” to lead people in the direction of progress.  We all want to partner with organizations that bring progress to our lives.   

Without personal commitment to execute, new organizational plans and initiatives often fail.  Execution is assured by establishing clear links between operations, strategy, and team members.  Progress leadership means working to understand and communicate how a team member’s personal goals can dovetail with the organization’s goals and thus create true commitment that gets the team member to act – because he or she wants to, not because they have to.  Progress Leadership means striving to help others find meaning in their work.


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Contact Dean Lindsay to discuss your Organizational Change Management Needs.
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top change management speaker“Your message was extremely appropriate to our Sales Leaders during these uncertain financial times. As you are aware, like most major corporations, we are dealing with lots of change both with the economy and organizationally and your message was relevant and on the mark.   Dave Nostrand, Vice President, Sales – Eastern Region, Marriott International, Inc.


International Sales Speaker Client“We had Dean speak at our international Business Partner Conference in Stockholm, Sweden. Dean delivered a very energetic, dynamic and humorous motivational speech for our international Group of reselling partners, focusing on change and progress. I can highly recommend him.”  Sofia Löfblad, Marketing Director at Handheld GroupAB   

Creating Progress in a world of change by dean lindsay





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