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Goal Commitment is Key for Accountability, Resilience & True Mental Health…

Dean Lindsay’s Popular Goal Commitment and Achievement Program Titles include:

  • Have a Big PHAT Year! for Year, Season & Sales KICKOFF Events

  • How to Achieve Big PHAT Goals ®

  • How to Achieve Big PHAT (Sales, Team, Safety, Recruitment, Organizational) Goals ®


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Dean Lindsay on Goal Conviction, Commitment & Achievement 

The word MOTIVATION can be broken down into two root words:

Motive & Action.

Motive: an inner drive that prompts a person to act in a certain way.  Motive is the goal or object of one’s action.  Other words for motive include reasons, purpose, intention.

Action: the doing of something.  Examples of actions include:   Do, rent, read, act, try, sign up, show up, eat, move.

Motivation, therefore, is: the inner drive to do, to try, motivation is the internal reasons to act.

It is not a goal that motivates us, but our internalized reasons behind the goal that propel us to action.

Simply put:  Internalized Reasons Create Movement. 



Goal Setting Program, Big PHAT Goals, Best Sales Goals Workshop 2022, top 2023, Business Training, Success, Achievement, Leadership, Financial


usiness Training, Success, Achievement, Leadership, Financial

Dallas Change Management Speaker Client“Dean, the keynote you presented for CRTRA’s Annual Conference in San Diego on How to Have a Big PHAT Year was a Big  PHAT Hit!! Congratulations and thank you!! You are a dynamic, highly engaging and humorous speaker and your content is rich with valuable insights that would help any team achieve their goals. Well done!! We loved having you and would definitely invite you back!!!– Liz Mayo, Conference Director, Chain Restaurant Total Rewards Association

Goal Setting Program, Big PHAT Goals, Best Sales Goals Workshop 2022, top 2023, Business Training, Success, Achievement, Leadership, Financial

Goal Setting Program, Big PHAT Goals, Best Sales Goals Workshop 2022, top 2023, Business Training, Success, Achievement, Leadership, Financial

“We brought Dean Lindsay in to speak at our graduate student orientation at the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences and we are quite pleased with the results. During his session, Have a Big PHAT Year, Dean engaged our graduate students by challenging them to think about goals in a sustainable way. With professionalism, keen insight, and well-timed humor, Dean provides a closer look at the infrastructure behind goal setting and achievement, a topic that is of vital importance to students embarking on a new collegiate journey. We loved working with Dean and, more importantly, our students connected with him and his message. Well done, Dean.” – Lauren Pluhar, Administrative Coordinator, Office of Research & Graduate Studies, College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, Texas A&M University

Big PHAT Goals ® Business Management & Organizational Consulting & Coaching: 

  • Dean Lindsay offers Big Phat Goals management consulting by working with management to encourage all team to gain the internal conviction to commit to organizational goals, plans, objectives and outcomes.

Big PHAT Goals ® Business Marketing Consulting & Coaching:

  • Dean offers Big Phat Goals marketing consulting services by working with marketing departments using his 6 Ps of Progress to ensure that all marketing is Big and PHAT (Pretty Hot And Tempting)

Big PHAT Goals ® Business Development Consulting & Coaching:

  • Dean offers Big Phat Goals business development consulting by helping sales professionals and CSRs build priceless business relationships that leads to business growth, referrals and customer loyalty. 

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More from Dean Lindsay on Goal Commitment (Big PHAT Goals ® Crafting) & Achievement – Insight from Dean’s Book, ‘How to Achieve Big PHAT Goals…

Often we fixate on a goal without giving enough focus and attention to the reasons behind the goal.  Many of us do not need to come to terms with the world around us.  Instead, we need to come to terms with our own unrealistic expectations and poorly defined goals.

Well-established reasons help us feel the internal pressure needed to focus.  We must dig to the roots and remind ourselves of the benefits, the reasons behind the actions that will move us closer to our goals.  We need to do this for those we wish to inspire to action also.  Being able to share with customers, prospects, coworkers, and employees how they will be able to move forward by partnering with us is a major key to personal and organizational goal achievement.  Each day we have the choice to move forward, to progress, to pursue our goals.

Crafting Big PHAT Goals hinges on strengthening our personal commitment to our goals by continually reminding ourselves of the personal benefits that reaching our and/or our company’s goals will have in our lives.

The decision to be motivated to progress towards a goal is a personal choice. 

I can’t motivate you and you can’t motivate me.  I may be motivational. 

You may be motivational. 

But truly, no one IS a motivator. 

The only person who can truly motivate you towards accomplishing your goals is you.

The Six Rules of Big PHAT Goal Crafting – from How to Achieve Big PHAT Goals

Rule #1: Big PHAT Goals are Written and Visualized 

Rule #2: Big PHAT Goals are Connected to Personal Progress 

Rule #3: Big PHAT Goals are Stated in Present Tense 

Rule #4: Big PHAT Goals are Detailed and Measured 

Rule # 5: Big PHAT Goals are Positively Worded

Rule # 6: Big PHAT Goals have An achievement Date


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dallas-keynote-speaker-client-logo“Congratulations Dean. Getting a standing ovation from our team is no small feat. I am certain your presentation will help us meet and surpass our goals.  Thanks for taking the time to research our company, interview some of our team, and customize your talk to meet our needs. You were right on the money – and on short notice too. We are already making plans to have you back. Welcome to the Wolfpack!”  – Marcus Doyle, CEO, VRC Investigations