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New Goal Setting Book: Big PHAT Goals (eBook format)


“Big PHAT Goals is an extremely helpful book for achieving your personal and professional goals.” — Frank Shankwitz, The Creator and A Founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation

“This is a must read for you, as well as those you lead… and those you love!” — Catherine Monson, CEO, FASTSIGNS International, Inc.


Product Description

Chapters in Dean’s new Goal Setting Book Big PHAT Goals include:

  • Internalized Reasons Create Movement                     
  •  Defining Your Parameters for Progress
  • Big PHAT Goal-Crafting Defined
  • Six Rules of Big PHAT Goal-Crafting
  • Committing to Big PHAT Progress
  • Progress Takes Persistence
  • Teaming Up for Big PHAT Progress ( Goal Alignment & True Employee Engagement )
  • The Little Mind that Could

“Dean Lindsay’s book, Big PHAT Goals, powerfully helps to substantively fill in the gaps between the dreams we have and the attitudinal perspective required to achieve them.  It teaches readers how to practically utilize the art of self-investment as a means to not only reach our goals, but exceed them – and supplies the tools and cutting edge techniques needed to get your game to the next level of success. Big PHAT Goals is an outstanding book, read it!”  Mike Muhney, Relationship Management Architect and Co-Inventor of the groundbreaking ACT! Software

“There are only winners as a result of the Big PHAT Goals.” Stefan Stenberg, Founding Partner, Competenta Management, Luleå, Sweden

“Dean Lindsay’s Big PHAT Goals offers a straight to the point, thought provoking and highly useful guide that applies to everyone. The book walks its users through a step by step process of understanding our true motivations behind our personal and team goals, and then provides easy to follow instructions on mapping out the steps to making them a reality. I highly recommend you read Big PHAT Goals!” Darryl Morin, CEO, AWIMobility

“Big PHAT Goals pulls all the vital aspects of goal achievement into a powerful and fun package. The many benefits of the Big Phat Goals include creating a deeper commitment to organizational goals and a heightened sense of individual power.” Amy Dunker, Vice President Business Development, Western Union MoneyZap

“Big PHAT Goals is an absolute BUY! Dean Lindsay has done a phenomenal job in outlining a “goal crafting” process for any type of goal. Unlike some complicated manual loaded with jargon, this book is a call to action, along with the tools of how to get it done like a pro.” – Antonio Valente, Financial Advisor / Qualified Plan Financial Consultant, Baird