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Organizations are only as strong as their team members’ personal goals and the team members’ belief that the organization’s progress helps them progress toward those goals.

Each of us has personal goals.  The organizations we team up withwork for – have organizational goals.  This is not a problem.  This is actually great news.

One of the most effective ways to progress toward our personal goals is by teaming up with organizations to achieve organizational goals.

We work / team up with a company or organization because we believe that by accomplishing team goals, we take steps closer to our personal goals. If we didn’t believe that way, we wouldn’t – or at least shouldn’t – work there and probably won’t work there for long. This is especially true for millennials.

True, the relationship between employee and employer is sometimes one of conflict, with a worker doing a particular job because they need the money and don’t think they can get anything better elsewhere.   But at every level, everyone works to personally progress.  Even the CEO is there because she believes that by partnering with the company, she takes solid steps toward her own personal goals.

 True goal alignment strengthens teamwork and secures employee engagement!!


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“Leaders can’t keep change from happening. The only thing we can do is transform how we think about it—and help our teams do the same. Progress Leadership from ‘America’s Progress Agent’ Dean Lindsay is a much needed kick in the pants for every leader. If you would rather be leading progress instead of managing change, read this book!” – Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and Servant Leadership in Action
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  • Leaders… Engage!! Mastering the Keys to Generational Teamwork and True Employee Engagement

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People without personal goals are “no show” employees, poor salespeople, and inconsistent customer-service professionals.  For teams to progress, team members must believe that they are personally progressing. 

Team members must believe that as they strive to accomplish team goals, they are taking steps toward their own personal goals.

If a company’s goals don’t line up with its team members’ personal goals (and vice versa), neither is likely to be reached.

Sales managers should love it when their sales professionals:

        buy a new house,

        have their eye on a boat,

        or decide to have another kid,

because now that person has some strong reasons to take strong action.  They have strong whys to get out there and SELL!!!

When a company or organization has a new product rollout, is merging with another company, or has a new way to get business moving, it is natural for some to think, “Oh, no!  Here comes something else I have to learn. Something else I have to do.”

But think about it.  Wouldn’t it be far worse if the leadership within our organizations said, “We have no new ideas on how to be profitable.  We have no new ideas on how to progress.  Go get ’em, tiger!”?

All should be glad, excited, and even relieved about new initiatives, because the decision makers – who should know a thing or three – believe they have ideas that will help the company progress, and in turn help us to progress.

Without our “work,” we would still have our personal goals.  Even if we were “trust-fund kids,” we would have to find some other way to take progressive steps.

We team up with our organizations because we have goals, and through our partnering we take steps to achieving them.  Companies with solid, well-thought-out organizational goals make it easier for us to achieve our goals.


An Organization help ALL Progress as ALL help the Organization Progress.


 Team Up for Big PHAT Progress!


Contact Dean Lindsay to discuss your Unique Event or Training Needs.

Call him at +1 (214) 457-5656 or Click Here to Fill out Our Contact Form.


Dallas Employee Engagement Speaker Client“Dean Lindsay’s presentation, Have a Big PHAT Year was outstanding – packed with insights and practical strategies to enhance employee engagement, improve organizational performance and build unified and productive teams.  As a keynote speaker, Dean Lindsay is upbeat, fast-paced and great fun to watch. We loved working with Dean and hope to again soon!!” – Tina Opp, 2017 President of Texas Total Rewards Alliance


dallas-sales-coach_client_Dorma“Dean Lindsay was asked to speak at our sales leadership conference to support our theme of “a new day for new thinking”.  Dean took the quality time up front to understand the deliverables we needed for our specific audience and he delivered as promised.  His style, material and overall delivery and facilitation hit the mark for our group.  I would certainly work with Dean again and recommend others to as well.– Larry O’Toole, President,  DORMA Americas


Best Motivational Speaker Client“Dean Lindsay did a fabulous job and his enthusiasm created such POSITIVE energy that he had an audience of bobble heads which is a sure sign of people absorbing the information he was feeding them and agreeing with it. Dean was remarkable, exciting, motivating, and inspiring. Thank you for sharing such an important message. Lina Lawson, National President, ABWA Woman of the Year, American Business Women’s Association