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Dean Lindsay – in person & Virtual Customer Service Speaker – on ROCKing the Customer Experience – in person, on the phone and online…

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Want to job security?  Serve customers (internal & external).

Want less stress?  Provide commendable customer service.

Want your 401(K) to growServe, earn customer loyalty.

Worried about downsizing?  Serve customers.

Want your company to be more profitable?  Ditto.

Want to have more fun at work?  Serve those bosses, I mean customers, I mean bosses.

Want more money for advertising?  Help, serve, and be progress for customers.

Want to diminish the need for advertising?  Serve!

Want job satisfaction?  Serve!

Want your customers to feel peace of mind?  Serve!

Want the peace of mind that comes with your customers feeling peace of mind? Yep, SERVE!! 

Do you want the peace of mind that comes with customer loyalty?  You guessed it…Serve Those Customers!



Customer Service Speaker, DEAN LINDSAY, Virtual Keynote Presentations, Experience, on the phone, in person, online, 2020, Best, Top, Affordable, Funny, 2021

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All of Dean’s keynote presentations – in person & virtual – and his fully customized coaching programs are designed to reach each client’s desired outcomes.  

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More from Dean Lindsay on ROCKing the Customer Experience…

In tough economic times, Customer service IS the difference between success and failure.  But always remember, If we want our external customer service to be first rate, our internal customer service must be first rate first.


The need is undeniable, the concepts are easy to understand, proactive, caring, knowledgeable customer service is far too often not happening.   It helps to widen our perspective as to what a customer is.


Anyone affected, positively or negatively, by the work we do (including our families and ourselves) can be thought of as our “customer.”  Within this wider perspective, we see that real service is based on integrity, care, and sincerity, none of which can be measured with money.  Nor can it be automated, no matter how soft-spoken and attractive the audio-animatronic voice may be.


Unfortunately, it seems that when an organization labels some of its professionals as customer-service reps or customer advocates, the rest of the organization assumes they are let off of the “customer care” hook.  Not true.


We are ALL in the customer-service business.  There is no other business.  In fact, there is NO business without the customer.


Every member of our organization is a “customer-service representative,” no matter what their title or job description may be.  We are all working for the man (or woman), and that person’s name is customer (or client, or guest, or partner, or stockholder, or employee, or team member).

Customers are not dependent on us; we are dependent on them.  But don’t get me wrong!  An attitude of service is not one of servitude.  It is an attitude of goodwill and good-willingness, a willingness to help others progress.

A thorough definition of customer service is full of intangibles, and it is those intangibles that make or break a business.  In today’s competitive marketplace, service is the most important thing a company has to offer.


Progress in service leads to progress in sales.


Contact Dean Lindsay to discuss your Customer Service Needs.
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Customer Service Speaker, DEAN LINDSAY, Virtual Keynote Presentations, Experience, on the phone, in person, online, 2020, Best, Top, Affordable, Funny, 2021

Dean’s innovative Customer Service Programs include: 

  • ROCK the Customer Experience – In person, on the phone & online

  • One Happy Customer!: Keys to Making and Keeping One Happy Customer at a Time!!

  • Celebrating Service Excellence : Featuring Dean’s CARE Model for Service Excellence)

  • Cherishing Customers: Customers are Revenue, Referrals, and Reality!  

Customer Service Speaker, DEAN LINDSAY, Virtual Keynote Presentations, Experience, on the phone, in person, online, 2020, Best, Top, Affordable, Funny, 2021

Dean encourages participants to internalize three powerful insights about customers and introduces them to unique and powerful models for inspiring true customer loyalty.  In Dean’s Customer Service keynotes and corporate training program, participants receive professional customer service insight that helps committed customer service professionals:

  • Create Customer Advocates by Genuinely Relating to Concerns and Wildly Exceeding Expectations
  • Enhance Awareness of Importance of Responding to Customers Quickly and Effectively
  • Implement strategies inspire amazing customer loyalty that lead to Positive Long Term Customer Relationships
  • Develop understanding of Personal Responsibility in in responding to customer needs
  • Examine the Behavior and DESIRES of dissatisfied customers
  • Help Customers to Know You are on THEIR Side
  • Implement various strategies to address customer concerns based on style needs
  • Understand the Need for “putting on the customer’s shoes”
  • View customer feedback (complaints) as the most inexpensive, available and useful forms of customer market data
  • Understand the Power of the Customer by Internalizing Three Power Truths about Customers.


All Dean Lindsay’s Customer Service Programs feature his signature ForWORDS & BackWORDS: Words and phrases that MOVE Business Communication.

Note: The concepts in Dean’s Customer Service Programs are shared in a fast paced engaging customer service keynotes and in webinars, video conferencing, and tele-seminars.  Dean  offers Professional Customer Service Training in an upbeat proactive environment.


“Dean, your ‘One Happy Customer!’ program was very informative and rich with valuable customer service and leadership content. It was also very witty, fun and.delivered with a very human and relatable approach. You interacted extremely well with our group of store managers and they really enjoyed and great benefited from your time with us. I am One Happy Customer! Thanks for making the visit to Raleigh, North Carolina!.”  – Jason Albert, CEO, Precision Franchising, Inc. [] Precision Tune Auto Care



Best Speakers Bureaus Client“We recently had the opportunity to have Dean come speak at a Global Service Meeting. We appreciated the fact that Dean took the time to talk us about the event and customize his presentation to focus his vast experience on our goals. The feedback from the attendees was OUTSTANDING! Dean was humorous, energetic, and very relatable – everyone walked out re-energized too!! We would highly recommend Dean for any event and plan to have him back soon.”  Greg Pressly, Vice President of Customer Operations, MetroPCS



customer-service-speaker-client-logoDean was TERRIFIC!! He did a lot of homework on World Kitchen and started his presentation by impressively naming off all of the brands we carry! Heck, some days I can’t even do that! He made a real connection with my troops and gave us some great philosophy and tips for our busy season on both Customer Service and Phone Sales. He was a great kick-off to our extended hours busy season and I give Dean an A+ for his presentation. Geri Barton, Director of Customer Service, World KitchenLLC (The World Kitchen Brands are Baker’s Secret, Chicago Cutlery, Corelle, Corningware, EKCO, Magnalite, OLFA, Pyrex, Revere, Vision)



More from Dean Lindsay on Customer Service…

As customers, we want the peace of mind that comes from a customer-service representative listening to our issues and championing our cause.  But let’s not think for a minute that providing solid customer service is something done only for the customer.  We shouldn’t kid ourselves.  Providing solid customer care adds to our peace of mind, too.  Many of our goals are achieved by serving customers.  One of the major reasons we even wear the “Serve others” hat is so that later in the day we can wear the “Serve me” hat.  Our service to others, serves us.  It helps to keep the personal benefits of providing unparalleled service front and center in our minds.


Offering customers the promise of peace of mind, offers us peace of mind.  That is why we strive for customer loyalty, so that we KNOW we have a customer base that is solid, jazzed, and growing.  That knowledge sure helps me sleep well at night.  How about you?


When we lose sight of the personal motivation involved of quality service, we begin to disregard the concerns of our customers.  Unfortunately for everyone, this makes them unhappy, leads to legitimate complaints, and could easily end in our looking for some other line of work.


Customer service is far too often a sticky slow web of surly, under-informed customer-service reps, reading in a monotone from a script.  Add to that the annoying on-hold music, outdated computer programs, and hard-to-navigate Web sites, and you have the perfect Rx for customer disservice, also known as failure. Customers with concerns are left feeling stressed and helpless, and with the belief that companies truly don’t give a hoot about their well-being.


Just saying we provide good customer service doesn’t cut it anymore.   Every company, every organization says they provide good customer service, or great customer service, or even stellar customer service.


Many companies win customers with special offers, only to lose that new business to their competitor by providing lousy service.  Quality customer service makes the all-important difference when two, ten, or twenty businesses seem to offer the same product or professional service.


TEN Customer Service Truths as I see it:


Customer Service Truth #1

Whoever is affected, positively or negatively, by the work you do is your CUSTOMER.


Customer Service Truth #2

Customers offer the three priceless Rs: Revenue, Referrals and REALITY.


Customer Service Truth #3

ONLY 1 out of 25 Dissatisfied Customers tell the business they are dissatisfied.


Customer Service Truth #4

Over 90% of all Complaining Customers will do business with you again if you resolve their complaint quickly and professionally.


Customer Service Truth #5

True Customer Loyalty begins and ends with the RELATIONSHIP. Solid Customer Relationships cannot be purchased; they must be earned.


Customer Service Truth #6

It costs up to five times as much to attract new customers as it does to keep existing customers.


Customer Service Truth #7

Customer complaints are one of the most inexpensive, available, useful and yet ignored forms of customer market data.


Customer Service Truth #8

When you answer the phone, your company’s image is on the line.


Customer Service Truth #9

Courteous service is imperative but courtesy is not a substitute for Competence. Building trust with customers often takes Problem Solving.


Customer Service Truth #10

That customers we wish would just go away, will eventually GO AWAY — along with their business and possible referrals. Be careful what you wish for.


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“Thank you Dean, the Cherishing Customers program reinforced awareness within the support teams for our customers today, as well as our customers of tomorrow.  We really appreciated how you helped generating ideas and methods which supported the increased efficiency in between the groups as well as the team building strategies that you invoked for the different groups and ties of support.  Days following the programs we repeatedly heard how helpful the seminars were for each group, in addition how it helped better understand the challenges of the respective areas.– Reine Erlksson, Customer Service Operations Global Services North America, Ericsson



Dallas-customer-service-speaker-client-logoWe hired Dean Lindsay to speak to our group about great customer service, but he did more…he SHOWED us exceptional service. Dean spent countless hours understanding our business, our customers and our service mantra. He quickly became a part of our team and was able to communicate our vision to employees around the world. Our company hired a keynote speaker but got a life-long business partner and resource for our team!”    David Webster, CEO, Electrical Components International



customer-service_speaker_client_CPOn behalf of the ConocoPhillip’s Service Excellence Team and our Leadership Team, I would like to thank you for the outstanding program you presented to our Customer Service groups.  The content of your presentation was dynamic and left a strong message – Be Progress!  Our team has received many compliments on our choice of speaker and how the concepts you presented weaved directly into our mission of Customer Service Excellence.– Liz Clinton, ConocoPhillips, Service Excellence Team, Co-Chairman


Contact Dean Lindsay to discuss your Customer Service Needs.
Call him at 
+1 (214) 457-5656 or Click Here to Fill out Our Contact Form.

Customer Service Speaker, DEAN LINDSAY, Virtual Keynote Presentations, Experience, on the phone, in person, online, 2020, Best, Top, Affordable, Funny, 2021

Virtual Customer Service Speaker, DEAN LINDSAY, keynote Presentations, Experience, on the phone, in person, online, 2020, Best, Top, Affordable, Funny, 2021