Progress Agent Goal Crafting Rule # 4

(a series on how to set goals)

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4.  Progress-Crafted Goals Are Detailed and Measured. 

We are able to measure and track progress only toward goals that are detailed and specific.  It is imperative that we craft goals with precise and vivid outcomes so that we can be sure we are progressing and not merely changing.

A vague, general, or conflicted goal produces vague actions and vague results.  A specific goal produces specific actions and specific results.  The more information we can give our subconscious mind about our intentions – our wants, our goals – the clearer the right next steps become, and the more focused our actions will be.  It is fine if the goal takes many words to map out.  The key is to crystallize our intentions.

For example, “I have a new job” is generic, not very helpful, and certainly not very inspiring.  Most of us could get a new job within a week, if not a day.  It probably would not be a job that matched our skills, paid well, or that we even liked, but we could get a job.  So be darn sure to specify:

 In what industry?       

What position and responsibilities?

What pay range?        

What benefits, 401K, vacation? 

How much travel?     

How long commute?

Company car?           

Work from home?

What kind of boss (if any), and coworkers?

Our “specs” can go on and on.  Generic goals do little to propel us to action.  Yes, it takes time, but it is vital that we craft our goals in as much detail as possible.  It is perfectly fine to rewrite the goal, refine it, add to it, mess with it.

Becoming almost ridiculously particular about what we want, and why we want it, helps create the inspiration that propels us to progress toward our goals – instead of focusing attention on the countless other options of how we could invest our time and energy.

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Be Progress.

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Link to Progress Agent Goal Crafting Rule 1

Link to Progress Agent Goal Crafting Rules 2 & 3

(a series on how to set goals)