BEST Stress Management Tip! – Say Yes to NO.

(an excerpt from The Progress Challenge by Dean Lindsay)

Most of us take on too many responsibilities, try to do too much, and even own too much.  Being too busy is a big source of stress in today’s get, get, get and go, go, go world.  Often, we are so chronically over-scheduled that we never give ourselves a chance to offer our best or to enjoy the moment.

 Are your days fulfilling, or are they merely full?

It is possible that we could get more out of life by doing less. When we internalize the difference between full and fulfilling, we realize it’s not how many events we attend, activities we get involved in, or how much stuff we have that’s important.  We do not have to say “yes” to every demand on OUR time.  And we shouldn’t feel bad, since we are saying “no” to the event or project, not the person.

 Being busy can wear us out.  If we are committed to working and winning in this world of change, we must know our limits and not limit our NOs.

–  Consider your well-crafted goals and your schedule before agreeing to additional work.

–  Simplify – get rid of the clutter and baggage in your life and in your house.  Say NO to clutter.

–   Start your own Just Say NO campaign to regain quality time.  Review priorities and see if a request fits.  When you see things that waste time or hinder your progress, speak up.

–   Stop trying to make everyone happy. (We can’t do it anyway.) 

A polite way to say NO to a request for YOUR time:  “I’m quite committed.  I can be your backup, but please keep searching.”

Be Progress (not busy).

(BEST Stress Management Tip! – Say Yes to NO is an excerpt from The Progress Challenge by Dean Lindsay)