Texas Customer Service Speaker Endorsement from Weaver Boos (Dean Lindsay is based in Dallas Texas)

“We invited Dean to provide the “kick-off” speech to a very important internal leadership summit that involved our Firm’s top 70 leaders. Both entertaining and informational, Dean’s keynote provided the jump start we needed to get the Summit off on the right foot! The issues that Dean focused on, service in a challenging environment and the message of “Be Progress” were echoed throughout the weekend, long after Dean wrapped up his speech on Thursday night. Thanks for providing a rockin’ start to our conference!!!” — Jeffrey P. Young, Principal, Weaver Boos Consultants

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How can Texas Customer Service Speaker, Dean Lindsay,  Be Progress for you?

Dean is ready to discuss your program – shoot him an email at: Dean@DeanLindsay.com or give him a buzz at: 214-457-5656