You can’t achieve your best in these challenging business times without learning the all-important art of connecting. As William Allman, the author of Stone Age Present, states, “The key to our species’ success is our great skill in making close alliances with others.” True enough. There are many benefits to harnessing the power of building priceless business relationships and Cracking the Networking CODE. These benefits become even more priceless in times of economic uncertainty. Here are the Top Ten benefits of sales training that addresses the power of business networking:

The Top Ten Benefits of Business Networking
1. Friendships and support
2. Advice and access to different points of view
3. New career paths, employment, and business opportunities
4. Referrals and introductions to professionals and quality prospects
5. Important information
(Market/organizational shifts, upcoming events, etc.)
6. Promotions or lateral moves within your organization
7. Unique sales ideas from sales professionals in other fields
8. Introductions to quality vendors and resources
9. Advocates within related organizations and industries
10. More sales

“You have to accept that no matter where you work, you are not an employee; you are in a business with one employee – yourself.”  – Andrew S. Grove

I am honored to share that my book, Cracking the Networking CODE: Steps to Priceless Business Relationships is Recommended Reading by the United Professional Sales Association, Networking Times and Profit magazine.

Even cooler that it has been endorsed Ken Blanchard – author of The One Minute Manager and Brian Tracy along with many others. Jay Conrad Levinson – the author of Guerrilla Marketing, thought so much of the CODE that he wrote the book’s foreword.

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