Frankl Logotherapy Teachings for Business Progress # 3

Frankl Logotherapy Teachings for Business Progress # 3
by Dean Lindsay, from The Progress Challenge : Working and Winning in a World of Change
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Frankl Logotherapy Teachings for Business Progress # 3. 

Drive Actions by Understanding Goals and Strengths.

Gaining insight into a person’s reasons (especially our own) goes a long way in helping them progress and reach their full potential.  Frankl believed in endurance, but not just for the sake of survival.
He believed that all life is shot through with significance, and that this inherent meaningfulness should motivate humans to live and discover that meaning.  Frankl warned that some may mistake the surface rewards of materialism, affluence, or hedonism as the true purpose of life. 
Those who have suffered loss due to injustice (racial profiling, crime), circumstance (accidents, economy, acts of nature), or the inhumanity of fellow humans know that the search for meaning is not stopped by setbacks.  In many cases, as in Frankl’s, challenges and adversities serve to inspire and redirect a more determined search for meaning.

 “Life can be pulled by goals just as surely as it can be pushed by drives.”
— Viktor Frankl

Great leaders understand the necessity of discovering what their followers are made of, what they’re “all about.”  Frankl firmly believed in the great potential of his fellow humans, and stressed the ability to use one’s inner resources to achieve personal goals and find personal truth. This principle applies equally to every organization.  Each member, no matter the responsibility or position, has unique strengths that can prove vital in fueling the progress of the organization.

What drives the people you hope to inspire to action?

What drives you?

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“As friend, colleague and assistant to Dr. Viktor Frankl for over twenty years, I can confidently share with you that Dean Lindsay gets it!  His ability to integrate the inspirational theories of Dr. Viktor Frankl with contemporary business needs is extraordinary.  Dean’s application of Frankl’s concepts of “freedom of choice” and “the defiant power of the human spirit” to modern business/sales is powerfully motivating.  The Progress Challenge goes beyond telling us to “just do it” and, in a very readable way, tells us how to do it – or, in Dean’s words, how to be progress.  A must read for business success!”
 – Jay I. Levinson, Ph.D.
Former Special Assistant to Dr. Viktor Frankl

Be Progress.

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