Dean's Latest Book!
Dean's Latest Book!

“The Progress Challenge is a much needed kick in the pants for all of us. What an enlightening book!”

– Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager®

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New Workshop Too Stressed to PROGRESS? Stress Management WORKSHOP for a World Gone Busy! (Customized 20 page WORKBOOKS available/included)  One Hour Breakout  Half Day Seminar Engaging Educational Humorous Keynote Focus For more information and ...
Ponder & Progress: Defining Your Way of Customer Care by Dean Lindsay (from THE PROGRESS CHALLENGE) 1.  Why do you serve?  2.  Whom do you serve? 3.  Who are your customers? Who are not your customers? 4.  ...
The Way of Customer Service (part Two) by Dean Lindsay (from THE PROGRESS CHALLENGE) Customer service pays off – and not only in spades.  In the hand that we deal are the “hearts” ...
The Way of Customer Care:  Earning & Maintaining Customer Loyalty (part One) by Dean Lindsay (from THE PROGRESS CHALLENGE) Peace of mind is as oxygen in the challenging world of customer service.  Sure, pleasure, ...
Making someone laugh (with you, not at you) is definite progress.  Humor attracts and holds attention. Many a person has walked away from a conversation out of sheer boredom.  Make them laugh ...
Listening Everyone has a need to talk and be heard.  Treat others as if they are the most important people on the planet because – in their minds – they are.  Everyone wants ...
Successful Networkers are Generous Networkers    Give before you receive.  Successful networkers know they must contribute before they can expect a return on their investment.  Try to match and connect the knowledge ...
To Change Is Human; to Progress, Divine     “It is not strange ... to mistake change for progress.”  - Millard Fillmore Change happens.  We can’t avoid change. New technologies are created.  Markets bear and bull.  Companies ...
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