Workplace Humor – Caught Sleep at Desk…Again!? by Dean Lindsay

Downsizing got you down and you still got a job?  It is tough out there.  We are asked to do more with less.  We are getting pushed to the limit.  Sure, we are tired, but IF your Manager catches you sleeping at your desk…Again…Here are 5 things you should NOT say. (Again, these will NOT work.)

Workplace Humor Answer #1.

“Nope, not sleeping. I was meditating on our mission statement, good stuff, really I mean it, really really good stuff.”

Workplace Humor Answer #2.

“Darn it. You know…the blood bank warned me this could happen. Do you know if we have any juice?”

Workplace Humor Answer #3.

“Relax. I was doing an advanced Yoga exercise to relieve work stress. Please do not tell me we discriminate against people who practice Yoga? What? We don’t. Good, I didn’t think so. Namaste.”

Workplace Humor Answer #4.

“Pretty sure someone put the decaf in the wrong pot. Can we run some test or something?”

Workplace Humor Answer #5.

“Guess I am confused. Isn’t power napping one of Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People?  Anyway, I am pretty sure Edison power napped …or was it Einstein?  Hold on I’ll google it.”