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CODE Cracking for Trade Show Booth Success

Featuring insight from Cracking the Networking CODE: 4 Steps to Priceless Business Relationships by Dean Lindsay

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“Turn people on to you by tuning into them.” – Dean Lindsay

You can’t run a successful trade show booth without mastering the all-important art of connecting. Dean Lindsay has created a customized CODE Cracking for Trade Show Booth Success program, based on his best selling business networking book Cracking the Networking CODE: 4 Steps to Priceless Relationships.  The Program is filled with fresh insights to build meaningful, profitable, win-win relationships running a trade show booth.

“Perhaps the most powerful way to leverage and multiply your talent and ability is by expanding your personal and business network. THIS BOOK SHOWS YOU HOW.”
– Brian Tracy, Author,
Getting Rich Your Own Way

Depending on length of program, the CODE Cracking for Trade Show Success program can be customized to include…

  • 16 Tips for Running a Successful Trade Show Booth
  • 9 Strategies for Opening Face-to-Face Relationships
  • 20 Quick Tips for Delivering Solid First Impressions
  • 10 Ideas for Creating a Series of Positive Impressions
  • Insight on Business Cards and Note-taking

As well as How to:

  • Be a Success in Your Own Eyes
  • Conquer the FEAR of Networking
  • Harness the Power in Numbers
  • Gain Confidence Talking to Strangers
  • Ask Progress-Focused Questions
  • Listen As If Your Lifestyle Depended on It.
  • And of Course How to …Crack the Networking CODE!!!

Cracking the Networking CODE is Recommended Reading by the United Professional Sales Association and Profit magazine.

The four letters that make up the word CODE stand for the four proven steps consistently taken by the most effective networkers to crack the networking CODE and begin to build powerful business relationships.

C: Create Personal Curb Appeal
O: Open Face-to-Face Relationships
D: Deliver Solid First Impressions
E: Earn Trust

The Dallas Morning News says the book serves up “networking advice with wisdom, humor and concise guidance.”

Praise for Cracking the Networking CODE : 4 Steps to Priceless Business Relationships

This is a book that everyone will wish they read 20 years ago. Dean’s CODE reminds me of every successful person that I know. What a tremendous asset it would be if we could only memorize all of the quality pointers in this book.”
– Frank Bracken President and COO
Haggar Clothing Co.

“Dean Lindsay is a master of progress, and in this book will show you how to be the same. He’ll take you by the hand – a pleasurable experience, because the man is an awesome writer – and lead you into the land of networking nirvana.”
– Jay Conrad Levinson
The Father of Guerrilla Marketing ( Brief Excerpt taken from Jay’s Foreword for Cracking the Networking CODE)

“Dean Lindsay writes on the subject of networking and relationship building with conviction and authority. His writing, Cracking the Networking CODE, will be of immense and immediate value to anyone aiming for greater effectiveness in marketing and selling.”
– Jack Kinder, Jr. and Garry D.
Kinder Speakers, authors, consultants

CODE Cracking for Trade Show Success Webinars, Video Conferencing and Tele-training available.

Qucik Insight from CODE Cracking for Trade Show Booth Success

Working a booth at a trade show can be such a powerful way to network, reinforce existing relationships, and build name recognition that I wanted to offer some trade show tips into making the most of the investment. The key is to find ways to encourage visitors to stop and comfortably begin building a solid relationship with you. Here are Five quick trade show tips.

CODE Trade Show Booth Tip # 1
Build rapport by being friendly and nonthreatening.
A smile goes a long way in welcoming people to visit your booth.

CODE Trade Show Booth Tip # 2
Create the right first impression.
Stand and be interested in making contact. Do not sit, read, drink, eat, or smoke in the booth. Don’t just chat away with the people working the booth with you. This makes you less approachable.

CODE Trade Show Booth Tip # 3
Keep the booth looking sharp.
Do not let the booth get disorganized, cluttered, or untidy. Throw trash away. If skirted, the space under the table is a great place to store boxes and stuff. Many trade shows last weeks. Even if it is a lengthy show, do not let your booth get run down.

CODE Trade Show Booth Tip # 4
Avoid drinking alcohol or eating spicy or garlicky foods.
Bad breath is bad business – as is slurred speech and inappropriate behavior. You do not want to be remembered as the drunk guy, or halitosis girl.

CODE Trade Show Booth Tip #5
Ask open-ended questions
Avoid asking questions that can be answered with a yes or no. Create a list of questions to ask that begin with who, what, where, when, why, or how. This will stimulate thought and encourage conversation. Relate questions to the event, industry, product/service and its benefits, or to a specific situation.

Examples of Stimulating Questions:

What brought you out to the show today?
How could you see using this (product/service)?
How important is (benefit) in your present situation?
What are your most important needs in (situation)?
How familiar are you with our product/company/service?

Be careful not to overuse common and overused questions, like:

How are you doing today?
Can I help you?
Are you enjoying the show?

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Trade show training, trade show booth tips, trade show speaker