Time Management for Sales and Customer Service Professionals

respect-time-clock-dean-lindsay-comAlways TIME to Progress!!

Time Management Training is Really SELF Management Training

“We don’t find time or make it; we schedule time and take it.” — Dean Lindsay

As Sales and Customer Service Professionals:

  • Where do you commit your time?
  • Is procrastination a problem?
  • What is an effective use of your time?
  • Do you need to exercise better “time management?”

Each of us is invest some of our time in daily activities that do not serve our goals.  Time is the great equalizer.   Time Management is really Self-Management, with a respect for time.  Learning and consistently utilizing effective time management strategies turns a perishable resource into a source of productivity and profits.  Dean’s Always Time for Progress time management training program reveals hindering habits and supplies a detailed framework for developing a progress based personal action plan.

The advantages of effective time management training are significant.  Sales and Customer Service Professionals can INVEST MORE TIME:

  • Making More Sales
  • Serving Customers
  • Building Priceless Business Relationships
  • Networking
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Maximizing Quality
  • Delivering Excellent Customer Service
  • Meeting Deadlines
  • Achieving Objectives

. . . and WASTE LESS TIME:

  • Struggling with Paperwork
  • Dealing with Interruptions
  • Procrastinating
  • Attending Unproductive Meetings

“A unique approach to methods and ideas that you’ve heard before.”— Becky Borelli, Regal Personal Recruiting Consultant

“One of the best presentations I’ve heard in a while.” — Todd Vann, Longhorn Maintenance, Project Manager/Designer

“Dean’s Always Time to Progress program was TIME well spent.” — Mikki Putty Kelly Services, Sales Manager

dean_pr002786_5_625x8_75The insights and methods in Dean’s Always time management training programs are offered in plain, contemporary language making it the perfect time management training program for staff and personnel at every level of your organization. Always Time to Progress offers fresh tips and insight into TAKING TIME to PROGRESS, insight featured in Dean’s new book, The Progress Challenge.

“The Progress Challenge is a much needed kick in the pants for all of us. Dean Lindsay’s witty words and questions will wake up your sleeping intentions and challenge you to move forward with purpose in your life. What an enlightening book!” — Ken Blanchard, Coauthor of The One Minute Manager®

“Personal Responsibility and Self-Reliance are desperately needed today. These traits are what The Progress Challenge is about. Read Dean’s book and savor the stories and seeds of thought that will help you help those around you to be agents of…Progress, not just change. Don’t just kick up dust, go out and make a difference.” — Jim Cathcart, Author of Relationship Selling

“Stop the management fads and the ‘program of the month’. In The Progress Challenge, Dean Lindsay captures the issues and presents real, relevant, actionable solutions to the challenge of driving continual progress in business and life.” — Tim McRay, Executive Coach, Mercedes-Benz Financial