The Progress Challenge by Dean Lindsay

The Progress Challenge: Working and Winning in a World of Change by Dean Lindsay

“The Progress Challenge is a much needed kick in the pants for all of us.  What an enlightening book!”
— Ken Blanchard,
coauthor of The One Minute Manager®
and Leading at a Higher Level 

“Finally a meaningful book with a workable process for progress.”dean_pr002786_5_625x8_75
— Gerhard Gschwandtner
Founder and Publisher

Selling Power Magazine

“Stop the management fads and the ‘program of the month.’  In The Progress Challenge, Dean Lindsay captures the issues and presents real, relevant, actionable solutions to the challenge of driving continual progress in business and life.”
— Tim McRay
Leadership and Diversity
Mercedes-Benz Financial

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Book Description:
The Progress Challenge is just that, a challenge – a challenge to progress, a challenge to work and win in this complicated, stress-encouraging, wonderful world of continual, radical change. Meeting The Progress Challenge:
  • Establishes and Cements Customer Loyalty
  • Attracts New Business and Generates Quality Referrals
  • Leads to Career Development and Life Balance
  • Creates Better leaders, Better Team Members, Better Human Beings.
There is a powerful and important connection between solid leadership, sales success, personal motivation, and customer loyalty. All are achieved by effectively positioning ideas, recommendations, solutions, products, services – even ourselves – as progress in the minds of those we wish to inspire to action. This book offers a fresh and powerful blueprint for meeting this Progress Challenge. In it’s pages, you’ll learn how to enhance your opportunities by implementing and using Dean Lindsay’s Six Ps of Progress. However, simply learning how to enhance your opportunities is NOT the goal. The goal is to actually enhance your opportunities in your life and work. Learning should not lead to simply knowing. Learning should lead to action.
The Progress Challenge encourages readers to:
  • Welcome the Rise of Progress Leadership
  • Become Business Attraction Magnets
  • Focus on Inspiring Progress, and Not Apologizing for Change
  • Craft and Commit to Progress-Based Goals
  • Define Parameters for Progress
  • Aim for Progress not Perfection
  • Find Progress in Change
  • Go from Stress to Progress
  • View Time Management as Self Management
  • Stop Changing and Start Progress
  • And … Be Progress.
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Read Foreword by Julie Weber, Senior Director, People at Southwest Airlines