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Referrals with Dean LindsayDiving For Referral Pearls

Cultivating Quality Referrals

The Diving for Referral Pearls sales training program is customized to fit the specific challenges of your sales organization.

Cultivating Quality Referrals is VITAL for sales in today’s tough economic times.

In this motivational, thought provoking and highly entertaining program, Dean digs deep into the three keys to Consistently Cultivating Quality Referrals.

“Diving for Referral Pearls: For new sales professionals – Very Important. For old ‘dogs – Equally As Important. Dean is as good as the best.” — Bob Erwin, Sales Professional, The Trade Group

The Three Keys to Diving for Referral Pearls:

  1. Become Buzzworthy
  2. Offer Quality Referrals
  3. Ask for Referrals ( when & how)

A Quality Referral is BORROWED Trust.

Dean shares proven ways to build that trust, become more referable and begin cultivating quality referrals.

Referrals = Business Growth

Insight into Key # 1 to Cultivating Quality Referrals – Becoming Buzzworthy

To cultivate quality referrals and insure business growth it is key to provide so much value, so much heat, and so much enthusiasm that customers are inspired to talk about us and refer us. We mus be worthy of attention, worthy of the spotlight, worthy of wattage, and worthy of referrals.

We must not only show enthusiasm for our work – we must HAVE enthusiasm for our work. If we want prospects to get excited about our products and services, we need to have that excitement first. Likewise, if we want others to believe in our products and services, we must believe in our products and services first.

To win the prize, we must be the prize. Enthusiasm shows in the way we hold ourselves and in the passion we have for our jobs and our lives. If we want loyal customers and referrals (and we do), then we need to feel worthy of loyal customers and referrals. I am sure you have sensed by now that, whenever possible, people do business with people they like. Passion for our lives and belief in our work make us attractive and likable. They draw people to us. In sales, we have got to be on. Have game. Bring heat. Same is true for customer-service professionals and those in leadership. Buzz. Buzz.

“Diving for Referral Pearls rejuvenates in your mind the importance of referrals. Dean rivets you to the topic. He is a must see.” — Kelley Akins, Sales Professional, Pacific Life & Annuity

Diving for Referral Pearls sales training offer valuable techniques and insights into how to develop the referral mindset.

Quality Referrals CAN BE CULTIVATED, Dean’s program show you HOW!!!

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