The Progress Challenge

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The Progress Challenge is a much needed kick in the pants for all of us. ” — Ken Blanchard coauthor of The One Minute Manager®

The Progress Challenge is just that, a challenge – a challenge to progress, a challenge for Sales and Customer Service Professionals to work and win in this complicated, stress-encouraging, wonderful of world of continual, radical change.

Meeting The Progress Challenge:

  • Attracts New Business and Generates Quality Referrals
  • Establishes and Cements Internal and External Customer Loyalty
  • Leads to career development and Life Balance
  • Creates Better leaders, better team members, better human beings

dean_pr002786_5_625x8_75“Progress is a small step forward. Take Today’s Step.” — Dean Lindsay

There is a powerful and important connection between solid sales leadership, sales success, personal motivation and customer loyalty.  All are achieved by effectively positioning ideas, recommendations, solutions, products, services – even ourselves – as PROGRESS in the minds of those we wish to propel to positive action.

Based on Dean’s best selling business book, The Progress Challenge: Working and Winning in a World of Change, Progress Challenge training programs are uniquely designed to empower heightened Sales and Service performance.

“The Progress Challenge is a fun to read book crammed full of thought-provoking, practical and motivating take-aways.  With the 6 Ps of Progress, Dean gives us all the incredible opportunity to be purposeful in creating progress, not just change, in our lives and work.” — Julie Weber, Senior Director, People, Southwest Airlines Co.

Read Julie Weber’s (Southwest Airlines’ Senior Director of People) Foreword for Dean’s book The Progress Challenge

greek-pc“If you desire to become a better leader, I recommend you add Dean Lindsay’s The Progress Challenge to your leadership toolkit.” — Ramon F. Baez, VP and CIO
Hewllett Packard

“The Progress Challenge offers leaders solutions and better tools for inspiring positive action. This is the first book on leadership that I have read from beginning to end without putting down. Dean Lindsay challenges, fascinates and inspires the reader.” — Jonas Milton (Stockholm, Sweden), President (VD) of Almega

“The Progress Challenge should be mandatory reading. In a time of economic slowdown, innovation and new approaches become even more important. Dean Lindsay gets it absolutely right and if we could all follow his advice the global business world would be a better place. Dean is an inspiration for any business leader whether in the USA or in Europe – a true Progress Agent.” – Birger Husted (Prague, Czech Republic), Partner, UniqueConsult

progress-challenge-in-chineseThere is a powerful and important connection between solid leadership, sales success, personal motivation, and customer loyalty. All are achieved by effectively positioning ideas, recommendations, solutions, products, services – even ourselves – as progress in the minds of those we wish to inspire to action.

“Your message was extremely appropriate to our Sales Leaders during these uncertain financial times. As you are aware, like most major corporations, we are dealing with lots of change both with the economy and organizationally and your message was relevant and on the mark.” — Dave Nostrand, VP, Sales – Eastern Region, Marriott International, Inc.

“Your blend of sales, customer care, and relationship building insight was right on the money, and you are a blast to watch – super funny. The feedback from our members was outstanding and we are happy to refer your name to anyone needing a first rate professional speaker. Thanks for ‘being progress’ for IIAI.” — Bob Skow, Chief Executive Officer, Independent Insurance Agents of Iowa

In Dean’s Customized Progress Challenge programs, participants learn how to enhance opportunities by implementing and using Dean Lindsay’s Six Ps of Progress. However, simply learning how to enhance your opportunities by being aware of the Six Ps is not the goal. The goal is to actually enhance opportunities by using the Six Ps of Progress in your life and work.

Learning should not lead to simply knowing.
Learning should lead to action!!

progress-challenge-in-polishDean’s Progress Challenge programs offer dedicated Sales and Service Professionals a fresh and powerful blueprint for meeting this Progress Challenge while working and winning in this complicated, stress-inducing, world of radical change. Its insights are offered to help inspire progress-based action within yourself and others, and reap the bounty of higher (and happier) performance levels in your organizations.

The Progress Challenge encourages participants to:

  • Focus on Inspiring Progress, and Not Apologizing for Change
  • Earn and Maintain Customer Loyalty
  • Become a Business Attraction Magnet
  • Partner to Progress
  • Go from Stress to Progress
  • Find Progress in Change
  • Craft and Commit to Progress-Based Goals
  • Commit to continually taking steps towards personal and organizational goals
  • Utilize the Six Ps of Progress to remind all of the benefits of continual forward action
  • Formulate a healthy pro-active attitude towards change
  • Increase performance and job satisfaction by becoming self starting team players
  • Perfect methods of continually Being Progress for co-workers, prospects and customers
  • Be Progress!!!

“Dean’s program was the perfect fit & one of the best we have ever had.” — Judi Phares, President and Founder, RTI/Community Management Associates, Inc.

“Thank you for a job well done. Your words made a huge impact and your enthusiasm and energy is contagious. Your presentation was professional, informative, and your advice to how to continue to grow our organization was right on. Thanks again for an outstanding job.” — Dr. Tammy Wong, President of Sun Women, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

 After working closely with you to define the goals, Dean designs a customized program that integrates your current issues, meeting themes, company culture, and/or training topics. Dean Lindsay’s facilitation style inspires participants to treat each other’s ideas with a high level of respect and develop an appetite for the diversity of ideas.

Booking Information

Dean is committed to truly listening to concerns, asking the right questions, and providing a customized program that empowers progress toward your workplace performance goals and creates solid team unity.

Available Areas of Focus in The Progress Challenge Program can include:

  • Finding PROGRESS in a Climate of Frequent Change Effective and Positive Change Management
  • Respecting the Scarceness of TIME – Yours and Others
  • Focusing on Self Management rather than Time Management
  • Time Tips on Scheduling, Meetings and To DO Lists Delegation Strategies
  • Doing More with Less ( Staff, Resources, Time)
  • Encouraging Healthy Work/Life Balance
  • Providing solid customer care to internal and external customers
  • Mastering The MANY CHOICES Challenge
  • Utilizing Humor and Stress Management Techniques
  • Enhancing Interpersonal Communication and Interaction FORwords and BACKwords -Words and Phrases that MOVE Communication
  • Understanding and Harnessing the Power of Group Dynamics

Dean Lindsay believe that some of the greatest and most powerful insights into workplace performance and teamwork are discovered in a fun, interactive & stimulating environment.