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“If you desire to become a better leader, I recommend you add Dean Lindsay’s The Progress Challenge to your leadership toolkit. I especially liked the insight into the life and work of Viktor Frankl as well as Dean’s use of humor throughout the book – a valuable and enjoyable read. The Progress Challenge is an honorable challenge that anyone aiming to make a positive difference should take.”

— Ramon F. Baez, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

“The Progress Challenge should be mandatory reading. In a time of economic slowdown, innovation and new approaches become even more important. Dean Lindsay gets it absolutely right and if we could all follow his advice the global business world would be a better place. Dean is an inspiration for any business leader whether in the USA or in Europe – a true Progress Agent.”

— Birger Husted (Prague, Czech Republic), Partner, UniqueConsult

“This book is your GPS for personal and professional progress.”

— Willis Turner, President/CEO, Sales & Marketing Executives International

“Everyone has a purpose in life. Nobody is here by chance. Focusing on the positive and self motivating drivers will move you down the road of progress to realize your true purpose. Reading The Progress Challenge will help direct you down the correct road.”

— Scott O’Grady, Former USAF Fighter Pilot, Bosnian War Survivor

Read Foreword by Julie Weber, Senior Director, People at Southwest Airlines

“Part Drucker, part Dyer, part Dilbert — The Progress Challenge is an entertaining and practical guide on how to achieve success in business and follow your bliss.”

— Janet Gellici, CEO, American Coal Council

About the book

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About the Author

“As friend, colleague and assistant to Dr. Viktor Frankl for over twenty years, I can confidently share with you that Dean Lindsay gets it! His ability to integrate the inspirational theories of Dr. Viktor Frankl with contemporary business needs is extraordinary. Dean’s application of Frankl’s concepts of “freedom of choice” and “the defiant power of the human spirit” to modern business/sales is powerfully motivating. The Progress Challenge goes beyond telling us to “just do it” and, in a very readable way, tells us how to do it – or, in Dean’s words, how to be progress. A must read for business success!”

— Jay I. Levinson, Ph.D., Former Special Assistant to Dr. Viktor Frankl

“If you’re serious about the Sales profession and Sales leadership, then this is the book for you. The Progress Challenge offers lots of helpful tips and ideas that will enhance your skills in the field of sales. Dean’s style and sales examples keep you engaged throughout the book. This is a quick read and one that I enjoyed.”

— Dave Nostrand, Vice President, Sales – Eastern Region, Marriott International

“In a very engaging, fun and informative style, Dean Lindsay illuminates how, by redefining our views on change, we may all progress.”

— Lusinè M. Meeks, GPHR, Principal of Global Rewards and Mobility, Sabre Holdings

“If ever there was a right message at the right time, it’s Dean Lindsay’s book, The Progress Challenge. Dean is right that just changing isn’t enough. We’ve got to make progress! Good ideas and practical examples.”

 — Joe Calloway, Author, Becoming a Category of One

Dean Lindsay has written a ‘spot on’ resourceful book! The Progress Challenge is a profound read that clearly speaks to seizing the time to effectively make progress, balancing through change, while void of stress and ultimately meeting and exceeding the challenge of becoming your best both personally and professionally.”

— Bradley D. Forsberg, Partner, KPMG sales-Coach-quote

“The Progress Challenge offers leaders solutions and better tools for inspiring positive action. This is the first book on leadership that I have read from beginning to end without putting down. Dean Lindsay challenges, fascinates, and inspires the reader.”

— Jonas Milton (Stockholm, Sweden), President (VD) of Almega

“Dean Lindsay is thinking big. Read this inspirational book and you will too.”

— Michael Port, Author, The Think Big Manifesto and Book Yourself Solid

  “Personal responsibility and self-reliance are desperately needed today. These traits are what The Progress Challenge is about. Read Dean’s book and savor the stories and seeds of thought that will help you to help those around you to be agents of…Progress, not just change. Don’t just kick up dust; go out and make a difference.”

— Jim Cathcart, Author, Relationship Selling

Read Foreword by Julie Weber, Senior Director, People at Southwest Airlines

“Outstanding! Dean Lindsay puts it all into perspective with The Progress Challenge. If you think your future is determined by fate, think again. Within these pages, Dean provides the questions and the encouragement that will help steer you into the future you desire and deserve. A ‘makes you think’ book for every leader and soon-to-be leader!”

— Darrell Sims, Colonel, USAF (ret)

“This is a terrific and timely book with a simple but powerful message. With the right thinking and approach, we can make enormous progress in our organizations, with our families, and on our own goals and dreams. Dean’s book shows you how, and provides the inspiration and advice you need to stay on track.”


— Brad Cleveland, Senior Advisor and Former President / CEO, International Customer Management Institute 

“We all want our ideas, dreams, and plans to succeed. Dean Lindsay’s The Progress Challenge is the perfect guidebook, providing the reader with understanding, motivation, support, and direction. Dean does all this with energy, humor and, most importantly, with thoughtfulness and care.”

— Joel Zeff, Author, Make the Right Choice

“When it’s your time to make something great happen in your life or work, then this book is your answer. It contains a blueprint for reaching your personal best on a daily basis.”

— Mark LeBlanc, Author, Growing Your Business!

“Meeting the Progress Challenge will take your leadership and business to the next level. Dean Lindsay’s book renews creativity and helps leaders remain focused on the critical elements of success, while navigating our ever-changing business world.”

— Bill Wallace, Chairman & CEO, The Wallace Companies,  Founder, Success North Dallas

About the book

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About the Author

“Dean Lindsay writes like he speaks, with just the right mix of humor, thought-provoking concepts, and practical examples to make it a fun, easy, and valuable book to read. Whether you are in sales, marketing, or are a general business leader, you will walk away with a usable framework to positively deal with change, achieve progress, and immediately improve your results today!”

–Sean Piket, CEO, Sales Integrity and Co-founder, SalesDiscipline.com

“The Progress Challenge makes a clear and valuable point that many people know what to do, but very few do what they know. As a sales leader for over 15 years, I have seen a lot of change in business. Dean does a great job in showing the difference and the benefits of Progress versus change.”

— Nathan Jamail, Author, The Sales Leaders Playbook

Read Foreword by Julie Weber, Senior Director, People at Southwest Airlines