Insurance Sales Training Program – BAM!! – Becoming a Business Attraction Magnet

be-a-bam-deanlindsayInsurance Sales Training Program – Be a BAM!!

Seven Keys to Becoming an Insurance BUSINESS ATTRACTION MAGNET!!!

“Dean, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I heard you speak in Rochester, NY this January for Aflac-NY.   I your book read cover to cover.   Using your networking principles has lead to exponential growth in my sales.   I opened 4 accounts this week alone from my Networking Group.   I give you all the credit for opening my eyes.   I AM BEING PROGRESS!”  – Michael Miron, Independent Agent AFLAC – NY

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All BAM Insurance sales training programs are customized to fit the specific challenges of your insurance sales organization.

How are you attracting and retaining customers in this tough economy and competitive market?
How are you selling insurance in a down economy?

In these tough economic times, the business of insurance sales is the business of ATTRACTION.

We are attracted to products, services, ideas, and people that we TRUST can help us PROGRESS. Today it is imperative for Insurance Sales Professionals to truly get to know their prospects and help prospects get to know them. Selling is therefore a state of mind more than a series of steps.

About Dean Lindsay (including Video Clips)

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“Dean spoke at our NAIFA-St. Louis event called Taste of MDRT in 2008 and not only gave a truly dynamic presentation but more importantly, he shared several useful and powerful strategies on building business by positively impacting others lives. Thanks Dean, great job!” – Gary F. Champa, NAIFA- St.Louis National Committeeman

Seven Keys to the BAM Insurance Sales Training Program

  1. Insurance Sales Training Key # 1. Become Buzz-worthy.
  2. Insurance Sales Training Key # 2. Ask Progress-Based, Open-Ended Questions.
  3. Insurance Sales Training Key # 3. Listen as if your lifestyle depended on it… It Does!
  4. Insurance Sales Training Key # 4. Respect Time and Structure.
  5. Insurance Sales Training Key # 5. Build Priceless Business Relationships (and Crack the Networking CODE)
  6. Insurance Sales Training Key # 6. Practice Empathy
  7. Insurance Sales Training Key # 7. Focus on Value and Cost, Not Price

“Thank you, Dean Lindsay! You did an outstanding job speaking to the Independent Insurance Agents of Iowa’s 101st Annual Convention. You delivered a highly entertaining and motivational presentation and really hit it out of the park! Thanks for investing the time in getting to know our group. Your blend of sales, customer care, and relationship building insight was right on the money, and you are a blast to watch – super funny. The feedback from our members was outstanding and we are happy to refer your name to anyone needing a first rate professional speaker. Thanks for ‘being progress’ for IIAI.” – Bob Skow, Chief Executive Officer. Independent Insurance Agents of Iowa

Everyone profits when sales professionals focus on being progress, and being progress turns sales professionals into Business Attraction Magnets.

Be a BAM sales training program is featured in Sales Speaker Dean Lindsay’s new book, The Progress Challenge.

“Dean Lindsay did an excellent job when he spoke at a recognition breakfast for our seasoned professional insurance managers. He understood his audience and related to their interests and needs. Dean was right on the mark, the perfect blend of solid humor and valuable content. We look forward to inviting Dean back again to speak to our membership and we look would gladly recommend him to others. Thanks Dean, a job extremely well done.” – Bruce Lidstrom, General Manager, National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies

BAM Sales training creates a willingness to be involved, to connect, to attract.

Dean Lindsay on Becoming a Business Attraction Magnet:

“Those of us who make our careers selling are, by and large, outgoing, caring, and driven.We want to help others progress. We believe we can make a difference, that we can help. Being progress puts wind in our sails and in our sales. Becoming a Business Attraction Magnet is about trust. The customer has a need, or a step they desire to take. They must trust we can meet that need and help them take that step. Customers and prospects need to trust our belief in ourselves, in our companies, and in our products and services.”

Be a BAM Insurance Sales Training offers simple yet powerful sales approaches that lead to a less stressful and more satisfying sales career.

  • Master the Art of Positive Persuasion and win people over to your side without manipulation or intimidation (even over the phone)
  • Prevent objections, reduce price pressure and get the prospect to rule out the competition by learning the key ingredient that drives every sale
  • Gain Powerful insight into how people make decisions and how to manage their decision process
  • Replace awkwardness with confidence, frustration with self control
  • Develop a sales team skilled at selling to all styles of client behavior
  • Position yourself and services with the client’s needs in mind
  • Learn multiple methods of making contact with key decision makers and tips to prevent initial contact objections
  • Attain the ultimate in credibility with your customers and understand how your product knowledge can hurt you
  • Position power benefit statements into highly negotiable statements of interest. Learn the power of ONLY. What sets you, your company, your product and services apart?
  • Master the key ingredient that drives every sale
  • Combat sales stress with humor and have a more satisfying sales career
  • Network all contacts into powerful business relationships, increased revenue and quality referrals

The Sales Skills and techniques taught in Be a BAM Insurance Sales Training Program are aimed at creating win/win situations. Dean uses basic psychological principals to promote cooperation, not control by respecting the other person’s desires and motivations. Sales professionals at every level come away from the BAM presentation energized with sales tips they can use immediately. The Be a BAM program is designed to be easily digestible, meaningful and behavior enhancing. 

“Personal Responsibility and Self-Reliance are desperately needed today. These traits are what The Progress Challenge is about. Read Dean’s book and savor the stories and seeds of thought that will help you help those around you to be agents of…Progress, not just change. Don’t just kick up dust, go out and make a difference.”
– Jim Cathcart

Author of Relationship Selling

Be a BAM Insurance Sales Training is a powerful compilation of ideas overflowing with sales insights on selling in a down economy.

“Dean is the best presenter I have seen for sales training.”
– Seth Gentry

First Data Corporation
Regional Accounts Manager

Author and Sales Speaker, Dean Lindsay is Based in Dallas, Texas

Be a BAM Insurance Sales Training also available in Webinar, Video Conferencing, and Tele-Seminars.

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