“Dean Lindsay is an outstanding thought leader on the subject of developing priceless business relationships.” – Sales and Marketing Executives International

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Book a Speaker  Questions to consider

How to Book a Speaker Question 1:

How do you want the audience to Progress (think, feel, or act differently) as a result of Dean Lindsay’s presentation?   Here’s a Quick Link to Dean Lindsay’s bio & stuff

How to Book a Speaker Question 2:

Is there a theme for the event? (If so, Dean customizes his presentation to fit the theme.)

How to Book a Speaker Question 3:

How much time is allotted for Dean’s presentation?  Got a few minutes now?  Watch Dean in Action.

How to Book a Speaker Question 4:

What is the date and estimated time of presentation or presentations? (We are comfortable with time changes, dates can be dealt with too with enough notice.)

How to Book a Speaker Question 5:

What major challenges are attendees facing – tough economy, mergers, re-organization, tough sales climate, stress, customer relationships?  It is OK to answer All of the Above.

How to Book a Speaker Question 6:

What subject/topic would you like Dean to cover?  He ain’t the guy to talk about boring stuff.

How to Book a Speaker Question 7:

Are you interested in videoing the presentation?  If so, for what purpose and can we get a copy?

How to Book a Speaker Question 8:

What is your budget?  Dean is quite affordable but he does have two daughters to put through college for goodness sakes.

How to Book a Speaker Question 9:

Would you like Dean to present multiple times on same date or multiple dates (hint: you get a pretty good discount if the answer is YES, plus Dean has various topics and loves to talk.)

How to Book a Speaker Question 10:New leadership book by Business Speaker Dean Lindsay

Are you interested in purchasing Dean Lindsay’s books for attendees at a discounted bulk rate?  (They are good books too.  Cracking the Networking CODE is recommended Reading by Profit Magazine and Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® calls, Dean’s newest book, The Progress Challenge: Working and Winning in a World of Change – “a much needed kick in the pants for all of us.”

How to Book a Speaker Question 11:

Tell us about the audience (job responsibilities, experience, age, etc.)?  Dean’s perfect audience is smart and ready to think and have fun.  Is that what you got?

How to Book a Speaker Question 12:

What is the size of the audience? (in estimated total people not estimated total pounds).

How to Book a Speaker Question 13:

How can Dean Lindsay Be Progress for you (i.e. help you LOOK GOOD)? 

Dean is ready to discuss your program – shoot him an email at: Dean@DeanLindsay.com or give him a buzz at: 214-457-5656

Be Progress.