Stop, BOP, & Roll : Finding PROGRESS in Change

Stop Bop Roll with Dean Lindsay .comSignificant change can arrive like an Oklahoma twister, picking us up, shaking our sense of identity, and then dropping us way outside of our comfort zone.  The ailing economy and the tough business climate (not to mention the real climate) make it easy to understand why so many people have trouble finding ways to get and stay moving toward progress.   Every day, every hour, every minute, we’re changing and so is our world. Some may feel resistant to change, and even claim to be personally unchangeable, yet the presence of change is one of the few constants.  Yet, opportunities for progress still exist, even in the most challenging of times.

“Your message was extremely appropriate to our Sales Leaders during these uncertain financial times. As you are aware, like most major corporations, we are dealing with lots of change both with the economy and organizationally and your message was relevant and on the mark.”   – Dave Nostrand, Vice President, Sales – Eastern Region, Marriott International, Inc.

“Dean Lindsay is an awesome and highly professional speaker and his professionalism speaks volumes about his character. I have had the privilege of engaging Dean as a keynote speaker many times. He tailors his message to fit his audience therefore, no two presentations are exactly alike. Dean’s humorous approach in his presentations, whether to an audience of a hundred or a thousand, delivers the full impact of his message while keeping everyone engaged in the learning experience.” — Kristin E. Hiett, Executive Director/CEO, Institute of Real Estate Management, Dallas

“Dean is outstanding- authentic, knowledgeable, motivating.” — Nancy Blackburn, HR Manager, Pacific Life and Annuity

Finding Progress in these times of change requires new processes, heightened performance, and traveling untrodden paths. Change Management Speaker’s Dean Lindsay’ Stop, BOP and Roll program, offers the three keys to staying confident and productive through the necessary process of finding progress in change.


  • …Beating Yourself (and Others) Up.

  • …Blaming Others and Holding on to the Past.

  • …Procrastinating!

  • …Letting feelings of the moment get in the way.

  • …Changing and start Progressing.

Dean-Lindsay-Quote-Be-ProgressBOP –

  • Be Open to Progress


  • …with the Opportunities

Stop, BOP and Roll is featured in Dean’s book, The Progress Challenge : Working and Winning in a World of Change

“Part Drucker, part Dyer, part Dilbert – The Progress Challenge is an entertaining and practical guide on how to achieve success in business and follow your bliss.”
— Janet Gellici, CEO, American Coal Council

dean_pr002786_5_625x8_75“Personal Responsibility and Self-Reliance are desperately needed today. These traits are what The Progress Challenge is about. Read Dean’s book and savor the stories and seeds of thought that will help you help those around you to be agents of…Progress, not just change. Don’t just kick up dust, go out and make a difference.”
— Jim Cathcart, Author of Relationship Selling

“This is a terrific and timely book with a simple but powerful message. With the right thinking and approach, we can make enormous progress in our organizations, with our families, and on our own goals and dreams. Dean’s book shows you how, and provides the inspiration and advice you need to stay on track.”
— Brad Cleveland, Senior Advisor and Former President / CEO, International Call Management Institute

Stop, BOP, and Roll your way to Sales and Service PROGRESS.