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Cracking the Networking CODE is Recommended Reading by the United Professional Sales Association and Profit magazine.

You can’t achieve your best in business without learning the all-important art of connecting.

“Perhaps the most powerful way to leverage and multiply your talent and ability is by expanding your personal and business network. THIS BOOK SHOWS YOU HOW.”
– Brian Tracy, Author,
Getting Rich Your Own Way

The Dallas Morning News says the book serves up “networking advice with wisdom, humor and concise guidance.”

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Whether you have a black belt in business growth through connecting or are completely new to the concept, you will enjoy Dean’s humorous yet highly practical approach to meeting, connecting, and developing long-term relationships with others.

“For over three years, our entire sales team has benefited from Dean sharing his topnotch business-building insights, insights now found in his smart, engaging, and powerful Cracking the Networking CODE. While utilizing Dean’s fresh insights, along with his personal coaching and mentoring, our sales professionals have taken their success to the next level! ”
– J. Lee Ripley
Field Vice President
Pacific Life & Annuity Company

While Mastering the 4 Steps to Priceless Business Relationships, Readers Learn:

  • The Top Ten Benefits of Networking
  • 37 Questions for Defining a Powerful Networking Plan
  • The Way Around the “Do Not Call” List
  • 16 Examples of Proven Places to Network
  • 16 Tips for Running a Successful Trade Show Booth
  • 9 Strategies for Opening Face-to-Face Relationships
  • 6 Often Overlooked Networking Strategies
  • 20 Quick Tips for Delivering Solid First Impressions
  • 10 Ideas for Creating a Series of Positive Impressions
  • Insight on Business Cards and Note-taking

As well as How to:

  • Be a Success in Your Own Eyes
  • Conquer the FEAR of Networking
  • Harness the Power in Numbers
  • Gain Confidence Talking to Strangers
  • Ask Progress-Focused Questions
  • Listen As If Your Lifestyle Depended on It.
  • Design Your Rise & Shine (30-Second Commercial)
  • And of Course How to …Crack the Networking CODE!!!

Cracking the Networking CODE spent several weeks as one of the Top 100 Sales and Marketing Books on

Here are ten practical business networking sales training tips from Dean’s Cracking the Networking CODE business networking book.

All 10 Business networking speaker Tips are featured in the CODE Cracking Business Networking Sales Training progams.

Practical Business Networking book Tip #1
Focus on being interested rather than interesting.

Practical Business Networking book Tip #2
Respect the person’s time.
Someone important to you is important to others. Strike up an engaging, unique conversation, learn something about them, make a solid impression, get their card, and excuse yourself at the appropriate moment. This will create a solid and classy first impression.

Practical Business Networking book  Tip #3
Focus on receiving cards rather than handing out cards.

Practical Business Networking book Tip #4
Develop and stick to a customized networking strategy that fits YOUR goals.

Practical Business Networking book  Tip #5
Do not try to do major business deals (save that for later).
Do not rush new relationships; think LONG TERM. Do not SELL! It is a mind-set. Be subtle. The worst thing you could do is try to start selling someone as soon as you meet them.

Practical Business Networking book  Tip #6
Be an Early Bird and a Late Bloomer.
Never be late. At a networking event the ten minutes before things get under way and the ten minutes after are the real golden moments. So arrive 15 minutes early and stay 15 minutes late.

Practical Business Networking book Tip  #7
Always stand when meeting someone new.
It shows respect. What else can I say about it?

Practical Business Networking Book Tip  #8
Do not act desperate for business.
People want to talk to upbeat, confident people. You will not create any priceless business relationships if you act like you don’t have lunch money. Treat people as worthy of your respect and courtesy, not as targets.

Practical Business Networking Book Tip  #9
Carry /use breath mints or those dissolving strip things (not gum).
Halitosis is bad for business. Good breath is a must. And as for gum, smacking anything at a networking function is discouraged.

Practical Business Networking Book Tip #10
Most importantly…BE Progress.
Be someone worth knowing, someone who brings value, benefit, PROGRESS!

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