Ten Unusual (maybe even useful) Tips

Dawnmarie Simpson (a Facebook friend in Washington DC) asked me a very interesting and unique question on my FB wall this fine morning. 

Dawn wrote, Dean – if you could offer one UNUSUAL tip to me today…what would it be?”

What a fine topic for a blog post and possible discussion.
Here are Ten Unusual Tips from me.  Add yours, maybe this could be the beginning of something cool.
Ten Unusual Tips # 1:  Eat only fruit until noon. (this is the answer I shot back to Dawn)
Ten Unusual Tips #2:   After your running shoes get too worn to run it, lose the shoelaces, cut out the tounges and use them as backyard/garden shoes.
Ten Unusual Tips #3:  Utilize your local library’s website and HOLD progam.
Ten Unusuals Tips #4:  See the film, The Hurt Locker.
Ten Unusual Tips #5:  Run to upbeat music from your late teen years.
Ten Unusual Tips #6:  Read the book, The Progress Challenge by me (Cracking the Networking CODE is worth a read too).
Ten Unusual Tips #7:  Check out the bands Cento-Matic and Mingo Fishtrap.
Ten Unusual Tips #8:  When near Detroit (Dearborn to be exact), be sure and visit the Henry Ford Musuem.
Ten Unsuual Tips #9:  For a fresh fast healthier dinner – Mix Wendy’s Chili with black beans, brown rice and top with slices of fresh avacado.
Ten Unusual Tips # 10:  Add your Unusual Tips to this blog post and watch some someting interesting happen.
What you got?  No guidelines.   Bring on your unusual life tips, unusual business tips, unusual entertainment, unusual travel tips, unusual sales tips, unusual relationship tips, unusual customer service tips, unusual ideas, unusual leadership tips, unusual health tips, unusual finance tips, and unusual whatever tips.  You get the idea, no guidelines. 

Thanks Dawnmarie Simpson!!

Be Progress.

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