Becoming a HUB OF INFORMATION – The KEY to Selling and Serving in a Down Economy
by Dean Lindsay
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If we hope to sell and serve in this down economy we must strive to never miss a chance to offer contacts a referral to important people, organizations, information, and opportunities. Be a valuable person for someone to build a relationship with. Work at it. If we focus on giving information and support rather than cultivating contacts for our own benefit, our network will grow naturally. It is imperative in these tough times to make it easy for others to see that we are in their corner. Help them feel cared about and important.
Make information flow in and out of your life. Work to be known as someone who has great information and contacts and is willing to share them. Work to be known as a Progress Agent . Always be poised to make a referral for someone else. It will all come back around. When you learn something new, ask yourself:
Who in my network would find this information valuable?
Share it (as long as it isn’t confidential). When reading an article, always ask yourself:
Who in my network would be helped by this article?
Forward useful articles via e -mail, or send clippings from newspapers or magazines that relate to or affect the people in your network. If you mail an article, keep in mind that the real article is better than a photocopy of it. Simply clip it out, attach your card with an FYI Post-it, and drop it in the mail.
If the person you’re chatting with is having a challenge with book-keeping , offer to e -mail the number of a couple of good CPAs.
Be a resource for people and they will become a resource for you. Turn them on to useful business books (I got a couple I could recommend). Learn about the other person’s profession and, if it feels right, offer to call a contact on their behalf. To get referrals, give referrals. If you give without keeping track, you get repaid without ever asking for it.
Help others first. Offer your information with no strings attached. Connect people and position yourself as a resource to others on a totally altruistic basis. Favors with strings attached are not favors and not nearly as appreciated.

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