Sales Training Dallas – Be a BAM!! Becoming a Business Attraction Magnet

(an excerpt from The Progress Challenge by Dean Lindsay)

The business of sales is the business of attraction.  We are attracted to products, services, ideas, and people that we trust can help us progress.  Everyone profits when sales professionals focus on being progress, and being progress turns sales professionals into Business Attraction Magnets. 
The great Dottie Walters, one of the founders of the National Speakers Association, shared with me many years ago that the word sales comes from the Scandinavian root word meaning to serve.  Soak that in…to serve.
If we just made that little shift in our own thinking about that word sales, think of how many more people we could serve with our products, services, ideas, and contacts. (Not to mention our smiles and solid listening skills.)  To sell is to serve.  To serve is to Be Progress.
The days of the “Surefire Closing Statement” and the “Glad-handing Slick Salesman” are thankfully long gone.
Today it is imperative for Progress Agents to truly get to know their prospects and help prospects get to know them. Selling is therefore a state of mind more than a series of steps.  It is a dance, a buzz, a willingness to be involved, to connect, to attract.  Those of us who make our careers selling are, by and large, outgoing, caring, and driven.  We want to help others progress.  We believe we can make a difference, that we can help.  Being progress puts wind in our sails and in our sales.
Becoming a Business Attraction Magnet is about trust.  The customer has a need, or a step they desire to take. They must trust we can meet that need and help them take that step.  Customers and prospects need to trust our belief in ourselves, in our companies, and in our products and services.
More on being a BAM! – Business Attraction Magnet is upcoming posts.
Be Progress.

Sales Training Dallas Article – Be a BAM!! Becoming a Business Attraction Magnet is an excerpt from The Progress Challenge by Dean Lindsay