New leadership book by Business Speaker Dean LindsayMotivational Sales Training Tip – Respect Time and Structure.

(an excerpt from The Progress Challenge by Dean Lindsay)

Structure is vital for becoming a Business Attraction Magnet.  Solid self-management (formerly known as time management) leads to higher productivity and reduced stress.  Our desks need to be workstations, not storage space.  We must be able to quickly locate important information.  Being well organized shows a respect for time (ours and our customers’).
Looking sharp is also part of solid organization.  If we can’t get ourselves together well enough to look presentable, how are we going to be able to help someone else see us as together enough to handle their challenges?  Plus, how we present ourselves shouts volumes about how we feel about ourselves and our work.  Becoming a Business Attraction Magnet takes preparation.  Unfortunately, far too many of us invest more energy in planning our weekends, or even what we’ll have for dinner, than we do our opportunities to be progress for prospects and customers.
Don’t believe anyone who says sales is “just a numbers game.”  Sales is a Progress-based Impressions Game – a Proof-of-Progress Game – The Ultimate Game of Trust.
Sure, the more contacts you make the better your odds – but you may also be blowing your chances for many potential relationships, not to mention time (yours and the prospect’s), by rushing through the process half-cocked with an indifferent attitude.  The worst time to think of what you’re going to say is as it’s coming out of your mouth.

Be Progress.

Motivational Sales Training Tip – Respect Time and Structure is an excerpt from The Progress Challenge by Dean Lindsay