Free Trade Show Booth Tips – Running a Successful Trade Show Booth (part three)

Insight from CODE Cracking for Trade Show Booth Success
Working a booth at a trade show can be such a powerful way to network, reinforce existing relationships, and build name recognition that I wanted to offer some trade show tips into making the most of the investment. The key is to find ways to encourage visitors to stop and comfortably begin building a solid relationship with you. Here is the third (and final) batch of trade show tips from Cracking the Networking CODE.


CODE Trade Show Booth Tip # 11
Do not badmouth your competitors.
Badmouthing competitors makes you appear less confident about your products/services and especially about yourself. It also shines an unnecessary spotlight on the competitor. Bring up the good points about your stuff and leave badmouthing the competitors to your ecstatic customers.
CODE Trade Show Booth Tip #12
Do not eat at your booth.
I’m sure you would agree that it’s not attractive to watch someone chow down on nachos smothered in that bright orange fake cheese gunk. What is worse is when they see you coming and they lick their fingers while looking around for a napkin to wipe off the grease so they can reach out to shake your hand. The need for nourishment is another solid reason to find someone you can trust to run your booth while you go get a bite to eat.
CODE Trade Show Booth Tip #13
Get a list of attendees and contact them before the show.
Send them an invitation to your booth. Make them want to visit your booth. Offer a giveaway, or announce that you are unveiling something new to the market they must know about. Look over the list of attendees for heavy hitters and ask them personally to visit your booth.
CODE Trade Show Booth Tip # 14
Get business cards/contact information.
This is HUGE. How else are you going to follow up? Offer your company’s free e -mail newsletter. Don’t have one? Start one. Have a giveaway, a drawing, or some kind of contest. Ask for cards. You have to be able to reconnect and market to these people after the event.
CODE Trade Show Booth Tip #15
Take notes.
So many people, so little brain space! Write a few words on the back of cards that will help you remember the person, the conversation , or the opportunity. This will go a long way toward making # 16 happen.

CODE Trade Show Booth Tip #16
Follow up in a timely manner.
This is where it so often falls apart. You MUST reconnect with the folks you met. Thank them for visiting your booth. Mention something interesting they shared with you. Look at your NOTES. Do not do this three weeks after the show. Do it the next day. Don’t try to hard-sell them in the follow-up, just make a pleasurable second impression and see if there are ways you can serve this person, even if it is not with your stuff.
Trade shows are powerful and profitable places to grow your network if you are prepared and know how to work them.Our new program: CODE Cracking for Trade Show Booth Success is now available. Contact us for Details.