business Networking book coverby Dean Lindsay, author of CRACKING THE NETWORKING CODE

How to Connect at Networking Events… Here are four proven strategies for making contact at networking events.

  1. Know as much as you can about the attendees.

Research the people you want to meet.  Before the event, ask the sponsors of the event for a list of attendees and create your most- wanted “hit list” of people you definitely want to connect with.  When calling organizers to RSVP for an event, ask for information about people in your focus market or VIPs who might be attending.  That way, you will have two or three people in mind who you would like to meet when you arrive.

  1. Go it alone.

When attending networking functions, go by yourself or at least communicate to your carpool buddies that you should all fan out.  Moving about a networking event solo encourages people to approach you and makes it easy to mingle and initiate conversations.  It may be more comfortable to have a friend right there with you, but remember: you are there to grow your network, not hang with the people already in your network.

  1. Stand near the registration table.

After you have registered and put on your name tag, take advantage of the many opportunities to make small talk with new arrivals after they have signed in. These are the couple of minutes when most people are alone and interested in someone new to communicate with.  Even something really easygoing like, “Looks like a good turnout…” is probably good enough to get a friendly conversation started.  Remember that like you, people are there to make new contacts.  And if they are not, they are in the wrong place.

  1. Get an introduction to the person you want to meet. prezzo di cialis 5 mg buy cialis online without rx cialis no prescription online

An introduction is an implied endorsement.  Try to get introduced by the most respected person at the event with whom you have a relationship.  They are usually happy to play a part in your success and you look like a winner by association.

Who are the people who have established a good reputation?

Who loves to network and knows a lot of people?

These people have a large circle of influence and understand the power of networking.  They are quick to bond and make the most of relationships.  (Be sure to ask them if there is someone you can introduce them to.)

Who are the solid networkers inside your network?  

Find out what they do.  Study the techniques of a successful networker.  Try to tag along with a well-connected person in your network to some of their normal networking functions and ask them to introduce you to a few of their contacts.  Give them some insight and direction by letting them know the kind of person you want to meet – the more specific the better.

A slight modification on the same strategy

Look for someone you know who is chatting with a couple of people you do not know. Approach the group and stand to the side within view of the person you know.  This serves as a subtle cue for your contact to introduce you to the group and bring you into the conversation.  Try it.  It works.  If someone invites you to join the group but forgets to introduce you, take the initiative and introduce yourself.

“When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends.”  — Japanese Proverb

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