PROGRESS-Based Sales Coach w/ Dean Lindsay

progress-is-choiceDean happily offers a FREE 20 minute Sales Coaching and Brainstorming Session to new coaching prospects.  To schedule, email: or call: 214-457-5656

“Dean Lindsay is a master of progress…” Jay Conrad Levinson, the Father of Guerrilla Marketing

“Dean Lindsay is an outstanding thought leader on the subject of developing priceless business relationships.” Willis Turner, President, Sales and Marketing Executives International

Dean Lindsay is a ‘Sales and Networking Guru’ – Dallas Business Journal

Referrals with Dean LindsayAs a Sales Coach, Dean Lindsay has over fifteen years experience working with companies, organizations, and business professionals to:

  • Close Sales / Open Relationships
  • Lead & Manage More Effectively
  • Harness the ever growing power of Digital Marketing
  • Grow in Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence
  • Create Remarkable Sales Results
  • Become More Productive
  • Cherish and Cultivate Constructive Communication
  • Establish and Focus on Progress Based Goals
  • Practice Effective Problem Solving
  • Utilize Time Wisely
  • Develop a workable plan for Personal and Professional GrowthBig PHAT Goals Cover
  • Spur Innovation
  • Create Better Leaders, Better Team Members, Better Human Beings
  • Prospect (Business Networking, Canvassing & Warm Calls – NEVER COLD Calls)
  • Conduct Effective Sales Calls
  • Overcome Objections
  • Stay Motivated in a ‘NO Storm’
  • Keep the Sales Funnel Full
  • Harness Social Media for Business Growth
  • Cultivate Quality Referrals
  • Shorten the Sales Cycle
  • Find Healthy ways to deal with Stressful Stimuli (Stress Management for Business Professionals)
  • Work with Brand-new and Seasoned Sales Professionals
  • Offer Effective, somewhat Unconventional Business & Sales AdviceCracking Cover 170
  • Discover What’s MOST Important to you and GO FOR IT!!!
  • Brainstorm New Innovative Possibilities for Business Growth
  • Build Priceless Business Relationships with Co-Workers and Customers
  • Conduct Positive, Effective and Brief Meetings
  • Create Your Own Unique Balance between Life and Work.
  • Discover & Set Priorities in Your Business and Life
  • Strategize Progress-Based ‘Next Steps’
  • Accelerate Your Goal Achievements
  • Establish and Cement Customer Loyalty
  • Attract New Business and Generates Quality Referrals
  • Establish Healthy Work Life Balance
  • Generate Striking Improvement in their Business growth, Innovation & Productivity

Dean Lindsay believes that Business and Sales Coaching should be an interactive process that helps individuals and organizations grow more rapidly and produce more rewarding results.

A few words from Dean:

There should not be – and in fact can not be – a “one size fits all” methodology when it comes to business and sales coaching.  Often I find that besides solid business insight and fresh ideas, business professionals at all levels need a safe place to work through issues that are holding them back from maximizing their full potential. 

Learning should not lead to simply knowing.  Learning should lead to ACTION.  I offer a unique business and sales coaching dean_pr002786_5_625x8_75approach based on brainstorming, progress-based action and accountability.

In short, I focus on helping my clients:

  1. Make wiser, more progress-based decisions; 
  2. Commit to the habit of strong progress-based action; 
  3. Uncover and take FULL ADVANTAGE of their natural strengths;
  4. ACTUALLY REACH both professional and personal Goals (they often overlap).  I know that all change is progress, but not all change is progress.  I help my clients PROGRESS.”


Dean Lindsay is:

  • Author of three books: , Big PHAT Goals, The Progress Challenge: Working & Winning in a World of Change & Cracking the Networking CODE: 4 Steps to Priceless Business Relationships
  • Recognized as a ‘Sales-&-Networking Guru’ by Dallas Business Journal.

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