Eight Holiday Organization Tips

 by Barry J. Izsak,  Certified Professional Organizer, Founder of  Arranging It All Barry Izsak

(Guest Blog Post)


Each year, we are determined to get more organized so we can more fully enjoy the holiday season with family and friends. Here are some tips to make your holiday season a bit less frenzied and more organized:
Eight Holiday Organization Tips #1.  Keep your shopping list and all receipts in one clearly labeled large envelope. This will make shopping and any returns much easier.
Eight Holiday Organization Tips #2.  Shopping by mail or online is a huge time saver. If the gift needs to be mailed, ask the store or service to do it for you.
Eight Holiday Organization Tips #3.  Give gifts that don’t clutter: gift certificates, food, special event tickets, class enrollment, indulgences like massages, manicures, a year’s supply of chocolate dipped strawberries delivered monthly, etc.
Barry's bookEight Holiday Organization Tips #4.  “Buy it when you see it” is a good rule of thumb and turns gift buying into a year-round project. By the time the holidays get here, you’ll have them wrapped and ready.
Eight Holiday Organization Tips # 5.  Keep extra gifts on hand for unexpected needs. Stock up on exotic mustards, spices, jams, wines, vinegars and salad dressings which can be attractively packed in a fancy box or a basket for a last-minute gift.
Eight Holiday Organization Tips #6.  Make doubles of some of your favorite holiday recipes and freeze them now for use before, during and after the holiday weekend.
Eight Holiday Organization Tips #7.  Organize and store your decorations either by type or by the room which you use them to decorate.
Eight Holiday Organization Tips #8.  Wrap holiday tree lights and extension cords around empty wrapping-paper and paper towel rolls to keep them free from tangles.
Extra Holiday Idea from Dean:  How about giving the gift of organization this holiday season?:  Check out Barry’s website.
Thanks Barry.
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