Foreword to Cracking the Networking CODE

gmBy Jay Conrad Levinson, The Father of Guerrilla Marketing


Dean Lindsay is a master of progress, and in this book will show you how to be the same.  He’ll take you by the hand – a pleasurable experience, because the man is an awesome writer – and lead you into the land of networking nirvana.  In that land of networking, you’ll need no net because you’ll have the confidence and ability to be a gold-medal networker, and you’ll realize that superb networking is not a lot of work – if you do it right.  And within these pages is where you’ll learn to do it right.

Your guide and shepherd will be Dean’s Code.  There really is a code.  And it’s the real deal – a way for you to make networking your most powerful marketing tool.  I know a thing or three about marketing, and I know that networking is an exceptionally effective, economical, and rewarding marketing tactic.

Lots of people do it.  Very few of them do it right.  Read this remarkably easy-to-read book, act upon what you learn, and you’ll do it right every time.  You’ll look forward to networking because you’ll have reaped many of its rewards, because you’ll have mastered its intricacies, and because you’ll know you’ll have fun at the networking function – be it a black-tie dinner or a trade show.

Cracking Cover 170Dean Lindsay has the ability to take a complex and very misunderstood topic, and make it primer simple and crystal clear.  Dare I say that he also makes it easy to do?  Yes, I dare.

You are a lucky reader.  You’re about to learn how you can stand for progress in the minds of people who are privileged to meet you – and believe me, they will feel privileged.  You’re about to tap into universal truths that will change your perspective, your attitudes, and especially your net worth.  You’re going to learn exactly what networking is not, and probably feel guilty for not having comprehended its possibilities till now.  But as we all know, now is the first day of the rest of your life.  And now, you’re about to crack the networking

That’s going to make a huge difference in your life.  I’m honored that Dean has asked me to usher you into the treasures of networking.  I glow with the bright promise this book offers to you, and I glow at how it will illuminate and enrich the lives of the people who meet you.

Jay Conrad Levinson, Marin County, California, The Father of Guerrilla Marketing, Author, “Guerrilla Marketing” series of books

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