Customer Service Training – Tips on Serving Inside Out (part 1)

Most of us know it is mission critical that every contact between internal customers and external customers be professional, positive and effective.  Unfortunately it is common to overlook the fact that it is also mission critical that every contact between two internal customers be professional, positive and effective.
The cool thing is that the tips and strategies about how to treat external customers apply to internal customers also.  Listen.  Care.  Smile.  Respect.  Bathe.  All rock solid tips when it comes to treating co-workers, employees, direct reports and others.
Consider for a moment the internal customers you serve.
How can we serve fellow team members better?  Will we?
Here are the first three of Seven Solid Tips for Serving Inside Out.
1.  Customer Service Training Tip on Serving Inside Out  – View co-workers as customers.
Helping fellow employees do their jobs more efficiently and effectively not only helps our organization, it helps us too!  It is important to learn to view team-focused interruptions as solid opportunities to help our organzations.  When our organizations progress, we progress.
Providing service that helps other team members rock ‘n roll is what it is all about.  Get jazzed about your role in sharing information and take pride in helping your colleagues.  As a bonus: when we are cool about helping co-workers get their jobs done, they will likely be cool about helping us. 
2.  Customer Service Training Tip on Serving Inside Out – Have Fun Together
Create an company sports team, or better yet you’re creative, come up with something unique that fits your organization’s unique vibe.  Sure some of your ideas might take some extra time and bit of money, but the company-wide results will far surpass the effort and added expense.  Even a monthly breakfast or lunch on the company dime is good for morale.  It would be a good move for the breakfast or lunch to cost the company more than a dime.  Super cheap is a buzz killer.

“It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.” — Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

 3.  Customer Service Training Tip on Serving Inside Out – Surpass the expectations of your internal customers.
I don’t know about you but I get a kick when someone exceeds my expectations.  It makes me want to exceed theirs.  That old saying of ‘under-promising and over-delivering’ works with internal customers as well.
Next up 4 more customer service training tips for Serving Inside Out!
Service is Everything.
Be Progress.

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