"an outstanding thought leader on the subject of developing priceless business relationships.” - Sales & Marketing Executives International


"We absolutely loved your humorous and content rich presentation." - Meeting Professionals International 


Dean Lindsay was phenomenal! He was able to present a message that combined his expertise with our current needs. Our team left feeling excited and motivated!” – President/COO, 1st Heritage Credit, LLC

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Celebrating Service ExcellenceCelebrating Service Excellence

Featuring the Cherishing Customers / CARE Model and ForWORDs and BackWORDs: Words and Phrases that MOVE Business Communication!!!

Dean was TERRIFIC!! He made a real connection with my troops and gave us some great philosophy and tips for our busy season on both Customer Service and Phone Sales. He was a great kick-off to our extended hours busy season and I give him an A plus for his presentation.” — Geri Barton, Director of Customer Service. World Kitchen LLC

A 10! Excellent Workshop.” — Rhetta 0′ Connor, Customer Service Rep, Pacific Life & Annuity

“If we want our external customer service to be first rate, our internal customer service must be first rate first.” – Dean Lindsay


In tough economic times, Customer service IS the difference between success and failure.
The innovative Celebrating Service Excellence (Cherishing Customers) program encourages participants to internalize three powerful insights about customers and introduces them to unique and powerful models for inspiring true customer loyalty.

All Dean’s Customer Service Programs feature his signature ForWORDS & BackWORDS help sheets of Words and phrases that MOVE Business Communication.

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THE MEND MODEL for Earning and Maintaining Customer Loyalty

M = Massage the relationship through solid communication
E = Empathize with the customer
N = Never attack the customer
D = Deliver H.U.G.s – Heartfelt Unexpected Gesture

Dean’s customer service training programs includes insight from his book, The Progress Challenge : Working and Winning in a World of Change

“This is a terrific and timely book with a simple but powerful message.  With the right thinking and approach, we can make enormous progress in our organizations, with our families, and on our own goals and dreams. Dean’s book shows you how, and provides the inspiration and advice you need to stay on track.” – Brad Cleveland, Senior Advisor and Former President / CEO, International Customer Management Institute

In the Innovative and Thought Provoking Celebrating Service Excellence / Cherishing Customers program, participants receive professional customer service training that helps committed customer service professionals:

  • Create Customer Advocates by Genuinely Relating to Concerns and Wildly Exceeding Expectations
  • Enhance Awareness of Importance of Responding to Customers Quickly and Effectively
  • Implement strategies inspire amazing customer loyalty that lead to Positive Long Term Customer Relationships
  • Develop understanding of Personal Responsibility in in responding to customer needs
  • Examine the Behavior and DESIRES of dissatisfied customers
  • Help Customers to Know You are on THEIR Side
  • Implement various strategies to address customer concerns based on style needs
  • Understand the Need for “putting on the customer’s shoes”
  • View customer feedback (complaints) as the most inexpensive, available and useful forms of customer market data
  • Understand the Power of the Customer by Internalizing Three Power Truths about Customers.

Customers are:




“Dean, your talk to Indiana Farmers Mutual Insurance company was first rate. Your points on mending customer relationships were enlightening and your thoughts on attitude are very true. Thank you.” — F. Neal Johnson, Chairman of the Board, Indiana Farmers Mutual Insurance

The concepts in the Celebrating Service Excellence (Cherishing Customers) Program are also shared in a fast paced engaging customer service speaker keynote and in webinars, video conferencing, and tele-seminars.  Cherishing Customers offers Professional Customer Service Training in an upbeat proactive environment.

“Cherishing Customers is a great program. The advice given makes you feel better prepared to deal with customers. The best usable idea I gained was continually remembering that our customers are the reason we are here. I would describe Cherishing Customers as informative, humorous and useful with good tools for practice. ” – Arlene Soto, Customer Relations Rep, Pacific Life and Annuity

Here are ten professional customer service training truths from Author and Customer Service Speaker, Dean Lindsay:

Professional Customer Service Training Truth #1
Whoever is affected, positively or negatively, by the work you do is your CUSTOMER.

Professional Customer Service Training Truth #2
Customers offer the three priceless Rs: Revenue, Referrals and REALITY.

Professional Customer Service Training Truth #3
ONLY 1 out of 25 Dissatisfied Customers tell the business they are dissatisfied.

Professional Customer Service Training Truth #4
Over 90% of all Complaining Customers will do business with you again if you resolve their complaint quickly and professionally.

Professional Customer Service Training Truth #5
True Customer Loyalty begins and ends with the RELATIONSHIP. Solid Customer Relationships cannot be purchased; they must be earned.

Professional Customer Service Training Truth #6
It costs up to five times as much to attract new customers as it does to keep existing customers.

Professional Customer Service Training Truth #7
Customer complaints are one of the most inexpensive, available, useful and yet ignored forms of customer market data.

Professional Customer Service Training Truth #8
When you answer the phone, your company’s image is on the line.

Professional Customer Service Training Truth #9
Courteous service is imperative but courtesy is not a substitute for Competence. Building trust with customers often takes Problem Solving.

Professional Customer Service Training Truth #10
That customers we wish would just go away, will eventually GO AWAY — along with their business and possible referrals. Be careful what you wish for.