Change Management Speaker Endorsement from ConocoPhillips

“The key is to keep scoring”. Last year Dean helped our organization step up our game and accomplish things that we never thought possible. His Progress Challenge was a key concept in our effort to implement a new service program and move into the leadership position of customer service in our industry.

Now in the face of a huge corporate change, we are expected to continue to improve and keep progressing. Dean once again stepped in and provided us with the message we need to approach the future with the attitude we need to be successful. He spent the time to understand our current situation and created a presentation that helped our people by relating to what is on their minds right now.

While keeping “Choose Progress” in front of us, we have added “Choose Positive”. He provided our team with great, real-life tips on how not to let change and the accompanying stress overcome us and bring us down.”

– Greg Pellegrino, Manager, Contracts and Customer Service, ConocoPhillips

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