from Cracking the Networking CODE by Dean Lindsay


6. Organizations with the Same Philosophy as Yours
If you care about the purpose of the organization, you will be proud to be a member and reap personal satisfaction , along with the opportunity to build relationships. Get involved in a charity that feels right.
7. Small Business Development Centers – SBDC
Most metropolitan areas have a couple of SBDCs. Whether you have your own business or are an employee, these business centers offer courses and resources to help you to grow, as well as to meet people.
8. Hobby/Passion
Join groups that offer possibilities for making contacts and achieving personal growth: art appreciation, dancing, chess, astronomy, wine and food clubs, etc. You will meet others with similar interests who are ready to network. Go to meetings that feature discussions on a topic you’re interested in.
9. Golf/ Sports
Golf has long been the sport for business networking. So if you’re a somewhat decent swinger, tee up. Jerry Lindsay (successful business owner, avid golfer, and a great dad) offers these words of caution: “The way a person relates to golf mirrors the way they relate to business. So putt everything out, play the ball where it lies, let faster players play through, do not throw clubs, and most of all, do not cheat.” Other sports work fine for networking, too. The key is to find a sport you are interested in, and get involved.
10. Spiritual Organizations
I am NOT suggesting that you join a church or synagogue only for the business opportunities. But let’s face it – many solid business relationships are forged in the pews and folding chairs of spiritual organizations. Go for the right reasons and let your light shine. Hide it under a bushel? No. You’ve got to let it shine.

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