Networking with Lions, Elks and Moose, Oh My! – Proven Places to Nework (Part III)

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11. Kiwanis, Rotary, AMBUCS, Lions, Elks, Moose
(I know there is an animal joke in there somewhere.) Do good for the community while you build relationships. Rock-solid plan. Here it really pays to serve as a leader.
12.  Workshops, Classes, and Seminars
Take every chance to learn more and make yourself better. Other people committed to jogging the road to success will be there too. Contribute ideas. Ask questions. Look for a list of upcoming workshops in your local business journal’s calendar of events. Expect a higher grade of professionals at the workshops and seminars that are sponsored by area business journals.
13. College Associations
Having common backgrounds makes for easy conversations and many really get a kick out of helping an alum of their university.
14. Leads Groups
The great thing about leads groups is that they are focused on lead generation for their members. Expect events held by leads groups to be more intense than the rest of the networking options on this list.Make sure you check out the membership roster before you join. If there are some members who are in your line of work, you will probably want to join another leads group. They may not even let you join if there is already someone in your category. Also, find out what the member obligations are, and ask some of the members how much business they have generated from being a member.
15. Cultural Events
Meet some people with style and taste. Theater, symphony, art exhibits, rodeos, tractor pulls…
 16. Volunteer
A great way to gain visibility and develop relationships is through volunteering with any of the above-listed groups. Almost all these groups could use a hand. Step out and step up. Look for volunteer jobs that will provide you opportunities to show off your skills and personality, and meet and interact with new contacts. You increase your impact as well as the potential for new contacts when you actively participate.
Volunteer to:
– Serve on committees. You can help shape the association’s policy, as well as work closely with and learn from other experts.
– Chair a committee or run for office. Let people experience your leadership, communication, and organizational skills in action.
– Work the reception desk. You will meet people as they sign in.
– Help direct people to the right rooms at a large convention (often called being a people mover).
– Be a greeter. The greeter spot is ideal for the self-diagnosed shy, because the title alone forces you to connect. Plus, as a greeter there is an automatic assumption that you are “in the know” and others will naturally come to you for info and help.
– Join the board. You will connect with key industry leaders and gain a reputation as a leader yourself.
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