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Priceless Prospecting™ 


Programs include:

  • Priceless Prospecting for Real Estate Agents

  • Priceless Prospecting for Financial Advisers

  • Priceless Prospecting for Medical Professionals

  • Priceless Prospecting for Franchises

  • Priceless Prospecting for Automobile Professionals

  • Priceless Prospecting for Introverts

  • Priceless Prospecting for Sales Professionals

Dean Lindsay’s thoughts on Priceless Prospecting…

To be successful in today’s world, we need priceless business relationships.  

We meet people all the time.  They are everywhere.  Meeting people may be necessary in successful networking, but it is not the only step.  There is a big difference between meeting someone and building a priceless business relationship with them.  There is a big difference between Met and Net!! 

How do you make powerful connections?

How do you build a powerful personal network?

These are important questions to consider because, to a large degree, who we know and associate with determines who we become in life.  The most successful, well-rounded and happy people are most often the ones who are best connected to other successful, well-rounded and happy people.  When these people need support or information, they know the right people to call.  Building solid relationships with other professionals in your field is also a crucial part of a successful sales career as well as working as a cohesive pro-active team.  For many professionals, successful networking is something of an enigma because the skills needed to network successfully are simple to understand but not necessarily easy to consistently implement.

Priceless Prospecting is a creative process. We are creating ways to serve and to help people progress.  We progress as we help others progress.  

Priceless Prospecting is an art as well as a skill.  Take the time to develop the art of Priceless Prospecting.



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The Keys to Priceless Prospecting… Go For The SALE: 

  • S – Strengthen Belief in Self and Services

  • A – Add New Relationships Daily (in person & on line)

  • L – Lead with a Solid First Impression

  • E – Earn Trust

Sales Motivational SpeakersDean Lindsay is an outstanding thought leader on the subject of developing priceless business relationships.Willis Turner, President, Sales and Marketing Executives International



Sales-business-networking-training-dallas-client-logo“I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job for us at the WIN Business Conference this year.  I think your presentation on building Priceless Business Relationships was a great success. It was no doubt due to your enthusiasm and spell binding delivery. I did an informal survey of our Strategic-Partners to see which session they liked best, and got the most out of, and most people said it was your networking session.  John Ovesen, Franchise Services Manager, WIN Home Inspection


More from Dean Lindsay on Business Networking…

There are many benefits to harnessing the power of Priceless Prospecting.   Here are the Top Ten:

  1. Influence and Connection (Friendships and support)

  2. Advice and access to different points of view

  3. New career paths, employment, and business opportunities

  4. Referrals and introductions to professionals and quality prospects

  5. Important information  (Market/organizational shifts, upcoming events, etc.

  6. Promotions or lateral moves within your organization

  7. Unique sales ideas from sales professionals in other fields

  8. Introductions to quality vendors and resources

  9. Advocates within related organizations and industries

  10. More sales

Unfortunately, the term “networking” has gotten a bum rap.  I have consistently asked professionals I am working with to share with me what they think of when they hear the word ‘networking.’  Far too often I hear it conjures up images of manipulative, self-serving, insincere and predatory individuals, who are on the prowl for someone they can pounce on, try to sell something to, or solicit an unearned favor from.

Priceless Prospecting is NOT forcing yourself or your products on someone.

Priceless Prospecting IS getting to know people, their lives, and their needs.

Priceless Prospecting is NOT selling your products and services. 

Priceless Prospecting IS selling yourself.

Successful networking saves time and money while reducing frustration.   To create a powerful network, we need to constantly look for ways to help people progress.

We need to Be Progress in their eyes.

We must be seen as an agent in their progress.

We need to be Progress Agents.  


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“Dean’s Priceless Prospecting presentation is a “MUST SEE” for anyone in sales. It was educational, humorous, very useful and reinforced many ideas. I was very impressed with Dean as a presenter. He is insightful and brilliant.”  Albert Hamilton, Independent Agent, Aflac – NY  


sales_speaker_client_aflac“Dean, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I heard you speak in Rochester,NY this January for Aflac-NY. I read your book read cover to cover. Using your networking principles has lead to exponential growth in my sales. I opened 4 accounts this week alone from my Networking Group. I give you all the credit for opening my eyes. I AM BEING PROGRESS!” Michael Miron, Independent Agent Aflac-NY 


sales_speaker_client_aflac“Dean Lindsay is an excellent and interesting presenter. Dean’s Priceless Prospecting program had a great deal of valuable and immediately usable material. I especially liked the Six P’s of Progress and the unique insight on designing your networking strategy.”  Karl Fonda, District Sales, Coordinator, Aflac – NYC



"an outstanding thought leader on the subject of developing priceless business relationships.” - Sales & Marketing Executives International


"We absolutely loved your humorous and content rich presentation." - Meeting Professionals International 


"The DEAN of Sales and Service." - Business Class News