Goal Setting for Sales and Customer Service Professionals

Crafting Big PHAT Goals

“There are only winners as a result of the Big Phat Goals goal setting program.” –Stefan Stenberg, Founding Partner, Competenta Management, Luleå, Sweden

Big PHAT Goals is designed for organizations that view their Sales and Service Professionals as an investment rather than an expense and are committed to retaining and developing committed self motivated team players.

little-engine-that-could-dean-lindsay-comBIG PHAT GOALS empower Sales and Customer Service Professionals to:

  • Strengthen Commitment to Organization & Organizational Goals
  • Partner with Organization to Achieve Personal Goals
  • Create Powerful Self Motivation toward Personal & Organizational Goals
  • Discover Power of Affirmations & Visualization
  • Increase Team Morale & Work Towards Balanced Life
  • “DO the Next Right Thing”
  • Make more Sales
  • Better Service Customers

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Big Phat Goals pulls all the vital aspects of goal achievement into a powerful and fun package. The many benefits of the Big Phat Goals program include creating a deeper commitment to organizational goals and a heightened sense of individual power.” — Amy Dunker, Vice President Business Development, Western Union MoneyZap

dean_pr002786_5_625x8_75The Big PHAT Goals Program is designed to Align Personal Goals with Organizational Objectives and includes A Progress Agent’s Six Rules for Goal-Crafting found in Dean’s book, The Progress Challenge : Working and Winning in a World of Change

“The Progress Challenge is a much needed kick in the pants for all of us. Dean Lindsay’s witty words and questions will wake up your sleeping intentions and challenge you to move forward with purpose in your life. What an enlightening book!” — Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® 

“Finally a meaningful book with a workable process for progress.” — Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and Publisher, Selling Power Magazine

“Part Drucker, part Dyer, part Dilbert – The Progress Challenge is an entertaining and practical guide on how to achieve success in business and follow your bliss.” — Janet Gellici, CEO, American Coal Council

To work and win in this world of change we must dedicate ourselves to crafting personal and organizational goals that are so attractive, so alluring, that we are compelled to continually make choices that move us toward their accomplishment.

As a noun, CRAFT can mean an object or machine designed for a journey, like a ship or an airplane.

As a verb, CRAFT can mean to make or manufacture with skill and careful attention to detail.

A goal is the aim, the objective, the purpose, the point.

Stop setting goals and start CRAFTING goals.

A Progress Agent’s Six Rules of Goal Crafting (otherwise known as goal setting)

  • Rule #1. Crafted Goals are Written and Visualized
  • Rule #2. Crafted Goals are Connect to Personal Progress
  • Rule #3. Crafted Goals are Stated in Present Tense
  • Rule #4. Crafted Goals are Detailed and Measured
  • Rule #5. Crafted Goals are Positively Worded
  • Rule #6. Crafted Goals are Have an Achievement Date

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Well-crafted, progress-based goals do not merely remind us of the desired destination; they help create the conditions and environment needed for their achievement. They propel us into forward-focused action and strengthen our resolve to work and win in a world of change.

“I have been to numerous workshops and seminars on setting and achieving goals, and I have to say the Big Phat Goals is the BEST one yet.” — David Goodrich, Chase Warner Financial Partner

Goal-crafting (goal setting) is the practice of creating personal and organizational targets that are so clear, so detailed, so sound, so enticing and leak proof that they actually become tools or vessels in our journey to their accomplishment.

Our lives and organizations will surely change without well-crafted goals, but it is doubtful that they will progress.

“Big Phat Goals gives virtually any professional vital tools to meet and exceed specific goals.” — M. Scott Wolf, Heath Insurance Brokers, Vice President

“Wow what a fresh, dynamic approach to a very old subject. My experience in curriculum design has earned you my utmost respect for such an innovative approach. My hat’s off to you!”
— Patrice Wheeler, Senior Employee & Organization Development Specialist, Mary Kay Inc.

“Big Phat Goals is the best goal setting training program on personal and team goal achievement I have experienced. Increased morale, stronger commitment to team goals and stronger sense of self are three of the many benefits my team of area managers received.” — Michael Bellomy, General Manager- Testing Systems Support, SBC

“I would not hesitate to recommend this program to anyone, whether they’re a seasoned professional or a new recruit, it will help.” — L.R. (Rod) St. Amand, Duplium Corp., National Sales Manager